Anyone on for 25 JUN Greek Island Hopping?

19 Feb 2011 TimeToTravel asked


Hi all,

I'm 27 and am from Melbourne Australia. Am a solo male traveller. Would be good to meet any others on the same tour.


  • 29 Mar 2011 Claire * Australia* said

    Claire * Australia*

    ohh lovely are u on the london to athens plus greek island hoping commencing 23rd june ?

  • 1 Apr 2011 Amy said


    Nah I’m going on the 5th June, but have fun on your trip! I shall do the same =)

  • 27 Apr 2011 Jasmine88 said


    YES!!! My 2 cousins and I will be on this tour!! We from Perth, Adelaide anmd Queensland Australia!!!

  • 29 Apr 2011 BeckyA said


    hey all!! My names Bec and I’ll be on this tour!!! I just asked to join the facebook group. Cant wait to meet you all!! add me on facebook and we can chat? :)

  • 29 Apr 2011 BeckyA said


    p.s im an aussie- from sydney! go us aussies!!! :) 19 years old also solo traveller. This is the 9 day trip right? haha hope i have the right one!

  • 2 May 2011 Mikaela said


    Hey all,
    Me and my sister are doing this tour as well as the london to athens tour before it.
    Im 18, shes 20 and from gold coast australia. We got our tickets today, so so excited

  • 2 May 2011 Bryant said


    Hi! I just wanted to confirm with you guys, is this forum (and the facebook group that’s been set of this tour) for the June 25 13-day Greek Island Hopping tour, or the June 25 9-day Greek Island Adventurer tour. I noticed Contiki has 2 greek island tours starting on the same day. Thanks!!

  • 3 May 2011 BeckyA said


    Aw that sucks, I’m actually on the Greek Island Adventurer 9 day tour, so I’m probably on the wrong forum!

  • 3 May 2011 Bryant said


    ohh ok..thanks for confirming about this forum…i’m actually also on the greek island adventurer 9 day tour as well lol, wrong forum!



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