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European Experience 27th June 2011

23 Feb 2011 lucywalsh asked


Hi all,

I've book and paid for this contiki trip and i'm soo excited!
I'm booked into stay at the Royal National Hotel one night before the tour starts, Is anyone else staying there before the tour??

I'm also in Europe for another 5 weeks after the tour finishes, if anyone else is hanging around afterwards and is interested in doing to sightseeing let me know.

I can't wait to meet some people on the same tour!!

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  • 12 Mar 2011 Alicia_Ann said


    i have booked the same tour….BUT im not actually staying at the hotel the night before because my friends cousin lives in london so i dont think we will need a hotel…but im soooo excited to be going and glad to see someone else is going

  • 16 Mar 2011 lucywalsh said


    I was so excited when I got this reply :) Are you travelling on your own? or are you travelling with friends? I’m pleased to have finally meet someone!!! When are you planning on getting to London? It’s nice to hear from you.

  • 19 Mar 2011 Alicia_Ann said


    im traveling with just one other friend…and i think we are getting to london the 21 because we leave the 20 and its an overnight flight. How about you??

  • 3 Apr 2011 lucywalsh said


    I fly into London on the 19th June but I then go to Belgium for 6 days to visit a friend.. I fly back to London on the 26th… So the day before the tour starts! If there’s a few Contiki people staying a the Royal National the night before and we’re feeling up for it we should all catch up and meet! Your’e travelling with a friend, that’ll be nice for you… I tried to get a friend to come but they couldn’t afford it :( Nevermind, I’ll meet heaps for people i’m sure!!

    Not long now, I’m soooo EXCITED! Have you meet anybody else on the tour yet? I can’t seem to find anyone else?

  • 3 Apr 2011 Alicia_Ann said


    sooo i think i totally got my dates mixed up : / we dont leave until the 27 but it says the tour starts the 25 like it counts when we fly into europe and when we meet the night before we leave…so i dont know if thats yours also?? what is the exact date of your tour?? its going to be such a bummer if thats the case because i havent been able to find anyone else!

  • 12 Apr 2011 Katie-Marie said


    I’m booked on this trip, I get into London on the 24th and am staying at the Royal National as well!
    So happy I found someone else as I’m traveling alone as well :)


  • 16 Apr 2011 An said


    Hello everyone,

    I’m so glad to find some people here. This is my first Contiki trip, as well as my first solo trip, so I’m super excited. I’m sure we’ll all have a great time!

    I’m a bit confused about the hotel part though. Is it already included in this trip? (I’m from California, so it said that days 1 and 2 are for flying and arriving in London, and then meeting up with the other travelers).

    I’m looking for some people to do some sightseeing, too. I could stay 2 or 3 days after the trip ends, so if anybody’s interested, let’s plan something fun to do together.

    Hope to see you all very soon =)


  • 16 Apr 2011 Explorer1245126 said


    hello everyone,
    Im also doing the same contiki tour and im so excitted. I bought a massive hiking pack today so i have something easier to carry around.

    Im going to go to scotland before the trip but im not sure about what hotel to stay at before the tour starts in london. Has anyone been able to find “cheap” accomadation in london…haha!! and i want to do some sightseeing in london after the tour as well before i head to germany.

    im glad im able to chat to some people going on the trip :) should be a blast


  • 17 Apr 2011 An said


    Hey guys, unfortunately, this trip was full when I tried to book, so I had to choose the tour starting on the 9th of July instead. Hopefully we’ll bump into each other on the way. Have fun =)

  • 17 Apr 2011 Katie-Marie said



    I went and got a huge backpack today as well! Hahaha
    I get to London on the Saturday before the tour starts on the Monday, i’m staying at the Royal National which price wise isn’t too bad.
    I’m heading to Athen for 2 weeks pretty much a day or so after the tour ends, but i’d love to do some sightseeing with what time I have!
    Looking forward to meeting everyone!


  • 17 Apr 2011 Alicia_Ann said


    hii, so i am also a little confused because on my dates it includes when we leave or europe and when we stay the night before departure…i am also from california :) so if anyone could clear up the confusion let me know..thank you!

  • 18 Apr 2011 lucywalsh said


    Hi everyone! This is so exciting, there’s a few of us now!!
    An: On the website it says this date is still available??? How strange… Would have been nice to have you on board! :)

    Alicia Ann: I hope you’re on this tour… What I would do is call Contiki on 1300 Contiki (1300 266 845) and confirm with them that you’re defo on this tour! Let us know how you go?

    Katie: Thats so exciting! I’m getting my bag next week… How big is yours? The one i’m looking at is 65Litres and it’s also a hiking type bag… I don’t know if this size is to big or small… And I see you’re staying at the Royal Nation too!!! Thats a relief, I thought I might have been the only one!! I’m only there the night before the tour starts, so the 26th June… Are you there from the 24th?

    Jess: You should look into staying at the Royal National too! When are you heading to Germany?

    I’m going to be in London for 2 nights after the tour and was thinking about booking into the Generator Hostel.. It looks pretty cool online… Have a look, and tell me what you think? And if anyone else is keen?

    It’s so nice to speak with everyone. I can’t wait to meet you all! 2MONTHS 9 DAYS!!! :D

    Speak soon…

  • 18 Apr 2011 Katie-Marie said



    I’m in London at the Royal National from the Thrusday the 23rd until the tour starts on the Monday!
    So excited to have a look around London and meet some people!
    My bags 85 litres and also has wheels and is like a backpack bag. I figured it’s better to be safe then sorry so I got the bigger one seeing as though it only weighed 1kg more than the 65 litre one!
    Hahahaha good to see someone else is counting down as well!!

  • 21 Apr 2011 Explorer1210432 said


    Hi Guys,

    Im booked on that tour! Myself (my name is Tiffany) and 3 girlfriends (Sam, Jenna and Liz) are booked and super excited!

    Were from Sydney and staying at the Astor Museum hostel for a few nights before the tour starts. If you guys want to meet up the night before im pretty sure our hostel is only down the road! we can come up for some drinks and meet you all!

    Ok so I havnt got a bag yet, but leaning towards a long one with wheels? Thoughts And how much money is everyone taking? I want to do as much as I can haha :)

    See u all soon!!!

  • 28 Apr 2011 Karak said


    Hey Everyone,

    So excited!! My name is Kara, also from Sydney lol seems like there is a few of us. I’m staying at the Royal National from the 25th so would love to meet up! I’m going solo and would love to travel around after the tour, don’t really mind where just happy to travel. The Generator Hostel looks good Lucy.
    I was thinking of getting a Eurorail pass for a month or so.
    Money wise i was thinking of budgeting on a little over 2k for the tour, so about $100AUS a day, what do you guys think?


  • 28 Apr 2011 Katie-Marie said


    Hey guys,

    I’m budgeting around $150 aud per day, apparantly that should be heaps! I hope so!
    My bags a 85L capacity backpack/wheelie bag, which should be fine.
    I just hope I don’t have to actually carry it very far!
    It’d be great to meet up with everyone before the tour starts. I’m at the Royal from the 22nd and should just be bumming around London until the Monday so If anyone is keen to meet let me know! :)


  • 28 Apr 2011 R.K said


    Hey guys,

    I’m planning to go on this trip when I graduate. It’ll be awesome if any of you can give some reviews after the trip?

    Thanks a lot.


  • 15 May 2011 lucywalsh said


    Hi R.K,

    Will do!


  • 29 May 2011 AM said


    Hey all,

    I’m booked on this trip too, get to London on the 24th of June and also staying at the Royal National before we go. Looking forward to it, like a few others i’m also from NSW, living in Wollongong so it will be good to meet you all.
    First time travelling overseas and i’m coming with another friend from uni so looking forward to my first trip! Going from the discussion so far I am the only guy to comment so we’ll see how that works out haha.

    So if people are keen to catch up before we leave i’ll be around London so let us know!


  • 30 May 2011 Erin said


    Hi all,
    Myself and two other friends are also booked on this trip! We’re from Newcastle, Australia and so pumped! We arrive in London on the 24th of June, and are staying at the Royal National until we leave on the tour. Afterward, we’re staying until the 18th.
    Its my first trip overseas, super exciting. Seems like this tour will be full of Australians, ha. We’ll be keen to catch up with some fellow contiki-ers before we leave.
    Cheers, Erin

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