How much spending money do I need?!

24 Feb 2011 Bee asked


Hi guys...this is my first contiki trip and I was wondering roughly how much do you think would be enough spending money for the 14 day Best of USA tour? Then the 5 day Hawaian stopover?

Also is anyone from Melbourne/Australia doing the Best of USA starting in NYC on 17 July 2011?

Thanks :)

  • 24 Feb 2011 JerryLangers said


    Hi Bee, I am planning on doing a double contiki tour (Grand Southern/Grand Northern) next year and was also wondering how much spending money would be required. I was generally going to go with a $100 US a day budget with any extra money above that budget to be a bonus.

    But since I haven’t done a Contiki in the USA, I am also open to any advice on what others budgeted for their Contiki tours.



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