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London & Paris + Rome 27 December 2011

8 Mar 2011 Kylie Botts asked

Kylie Botts

Hi All
I have just booked this tour.
Anyone else coming along??

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  • 28 Apr 2011 Ozzie Traveler said


    Hi Kylie, I have booked this tour too, how exciting! Where are you from? Have you been on many Contiki tours? This will be my first.

  • 28 Apr 2011 Caroline22 said


    I’ve been on this tour before, and I loved it! I had a blast… hope you guys have fun ;)

  • 5 May 2011 Olivia said


    Hello :) im also going on this tour with my sister and our friend! how exciting we just booked it today! this is our first tour also :)

  • 5 May 2011 Kylie Botts said

    Kylie Botts

    Hi guys!
    I’m from Adelaide. How old are all of you?
    I’ve been on a contiki tour before, to New Zealand, it was AMAZING.
    I’m doing this one, then England & Scotland tour straight after.
    Very exciting!!!

  • 5 May 2011 Olivia said


    aw we are from adelaide too! were 19- 22 yrs old :) how old are you?
    ive just realised that this is the rome extention.. we are only doing the london and Pais part of this tour.
    Wow! good on you! im glad youve enjoyed your experiences with contiki..very overwhelmed at the moment! :)

  • 5 May 2011 Kylie Botts said

    Kylie Botts

    I’m 26.
    Cool I guess we will all be together for the London/Paris part anyway!
    Paris for New Years – wow!

  • 3 Aug 2011 Dan said


    Hello to Kylie, Olivia and Ozzie Traveler. I’ll beon tour with you guys for the London to Paris part. Should be a blast, especially since it will be my first time to Europe. (I’m hoping it will be exactly like the movie Eurotrip).

    Has anyone received a pre-departure pack in the mail yet? I only ask because I haven’t, and I have no idea where we are meeting for the start of the tour.


  • 3 Aug 2011 Kylie Botts said

    Kylie Botts

    Hey Dan
    I don’t think we get anything til about a month before the tour.
    Can’t wait!
    My first time in Europe too :)

  • 5 Aug 2011 sjupton said


    I’m going on this tour, first contiki tour, going with a friend from Melb, I’m from Dubbo NSW, I’m 28, so so excited, can’t wait to be in London for Christmas day (we get to London 2 days early) and Paris for NYE!!!

  • 20 Sep 2011 sjupton said


    Thanks for the useful links Dan, I can’t wait for the tour

  • 21 Sep 2011 Katie said


    Wooooo I’m going to can’t wait :D

  • 21 Sep 2011 Katie said


    Hey Dan I’ll be at heathrow the morning it starts i land at 7am though lol

  • 25 Sep 2011 Kylie Botts said

    Kylie Botts

    hey guys, do you know what time the tour starts? Is it 6pm?? Cheers
    PS – it’s been marked as DEFINITE so there must be enough people going (just nice to know that it won’t be changed/cancelled!)

  • 2 Oct 2011 Kylie Botts said

    Kylie Botts

    Me again!!

    I’m looking at doing this ‘side tour’ when I get to Rome (on either 3 or 4 January) if anyone else is interested :)

  • 28 Oct 2011 sjupton said


    8 weeks 3 days until our tour begins!!! so excited

  • 28 Oct 2011 Kylie Botts said

    Kylie Botts

    Hey! 8 weeks – wow!
    That will fly by!
    For those on the Rome section I’m not doing the above, but instead these.
    4th January
    Naples and Pompei Day Tour
    tour duration 14hours
    english speaking guide
    starts at 7:15am
    concludes at 9:15pm
    Includes: coach transportation, lunch, entrance to sights, guide
    Meeting point: Vastours Terminal
    total price = $295.00

    5th January
    The Vatican, Sistine Chapel and Raphaels Room Day Tour
    tour duration 3hours
    starts at 9:15am
    concludes at 12:45pm
    english speaking guide
    Includes: express entry, privileged entrance to sights, headsets, guide
    Meeting point: Viale Vaticano
    total price = $120.00

    3 January
    Rome Illuminated Night Tour
    tour duration 2hours
    english speaking guide
    starts at 20:00pm
    concludes at 22:00pm
    Includes: coach transportation, guide
    Meeting point: Vastours Terminal
    total price = $85.00


    3 January
    I’m a bit of an over organiser on my holidays!! :)

  • 30 Oct 2011 sjupton said


    found this great discussion

  • 30 Oct 2011 Kylie Botts said

    Kylie Botts

    Hey Loz!
    Wish I could do that, I just know I’m a stress head and the only the words in Italian that I know are ciao and Bella, so need to get organised before hand!
    Shoul be great either way!

  • 31 Oct 2011 sjupton said


    I"ve not learnt any local language and am a little worried, hope my travel buddy has!!!

  • 19 Nov 2011 sjupton said


    Anyone else arriving in London on Christmas day? What are you doing?

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