Grand Explorer (Auckland-Christchurch) July14-28

9 Mar 2011 revhead_145 said


Hey, is anyone else going on this trip - Seems everyone is going on 2nd July.

I'm an aussie heading across on 12th and leaving about a week after the trip (exact date to be confirmed). I am flying out of Auckland, so I thought a week at my own pace to get from south Island back to North would be a nice thing after the tour itself. I don’t have any fixed plans for that week... I am just gunna see what others are doing and just hit up backpackers on the way (or somewhere decent if I find a good last minute deal). I am booking my Auckland Accommodation (pre contiki and pre flying home) this week hopefully. Checking out i see a 3+ star mystery deal for $79NZ ($57AU). There are only 2 places that are 3+ star in CBD on wotif, only one has a room called deluxe - the Mecure (contiki's suggested accom) the other one I am looking at is the mystery 5star place for $150NZ ($109AU)... Decisions decisions :)

  • 10 Mar 2011 revhead_145 said


    I have also created a FB group for us to get to know one another –

  • 13 Apr 2011 Adz162 said


    Hey Im on the tour as well im heading over on the 11th staying in Auckland before the tour starts.

  • 24 May 2011 revhead_145 said


    There must be more than 2 of us!!!! As for accom, l i got the 5 star place for AU$112/night and its the stamford. Just around the corner from Mecure

  • 24 May 2011 Adz162 said


    Awesome have to catch up for a drink before the tour starts.

  • 25 Jun 2011 Explorer1262656 said


    Hi, I am on this tour too! From Australia as well – heading over on the 7th to catch up with friends over there. I am ending in Queenstown on the 27th though… damn work! :-)

  • 28 Jun 2011 Adz162 said


    Woooo not long now.

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