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Injuries on holidays

11 Mar 2011 aussie liz said


Just wondering coz most of us use backpacks, have you ever like sprained your wrist/hand while trying to quickly get your backpack up off the ground or on your back?

Well I went to NZ in oct 09. I got back to Brisbane Airport, went to pick up my bag from the baggage claims, and a few minutes later felt a really bad pain in my ulnar (right side) of my wirst. I didnt really think much until i got home and i couldnt really move my wrist without much pain. I just went and iced etc and went to the doc the next day. Coz im a nurse, its not easy to do stuff with a sprained wrist so i had to take another 2 wks off. I mean i couldnt even hold a cup in my hand....

Anyway it never really got better, it just seemed to flair up every now and then esp when flipping my hand over so palm is up, and holding my dog..who is only 5kg!
I worked in the orthopaedic clinic for a few weeks and asked one of the docs about it and she was like take neurofen for 6 wks if nothing, go back to her and she would sneak me a MRI request. So i had one, she came in when i went back a wk later, and said oh this is interesting! Youve got a split tendon!
IM like oh shit. I had a really shitty morning and the only thing stopping me from crying when she said that, coz i knew it would mean an op, was that i flipped out earlier.
She went to get one of the hand surgeons who said well if after like 15months its not better, the only option was surgery...

So Jan 17th I had a tendon repair. It will be 8wks on Monday and im only now just able to start writing with minimal pain, and do my hair iwth no pain-doing bras up and stuff like that is still painful but at least i dont have to have a splint on 24/7....

Oh and to top it off the few last days of my time in Auckland were speant on the loo. I had to madly try and find a chemist before leaving to get immodium, and thank god the taxi driver knew. i got to the airport, and was sooo close to vomiting i was like ahhh do i tell someone?> On the flight home the air hostess asked if pple had been sick and i put my hand up coz you need to get medical clearance or something when you arrive on the other side, and she was like oh that should be fine, just a bit of travellers stomach bug..... They gave me some ginger ale and looked after me which was nice.

I want to go travelling again, but wont be for a while that i can use my giant backpack haha...even though it is FAR easier than a suitcase. My only planned trip this year is a wknd away in melbourne..but im planning on going shopping so i might just have to use the backpack and be very careful lol

Sorry for long post!

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