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Check-in at the Montrose in Dublin

28 Jul 2008 Lauren said

A question to anyone knowledgeable about the GB & SI tour. I'm just going for the SI leg of the tour, and my flight is arriving mid-morning for the pre-departure day that we spend in Dublin. I was wondering if anyone knows a) around what time the Montrose will let you check in or b) if I can/should call ahead to request an early check in. I really don't want to be lugging my suitcase around with me when I'm exploring the city that morning!
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  • 28 Jul 2008 BostonPug79 said


    Lauren —

    I did the SI trip almost exactly a year ago. I was scared to death on that first day since I was alone and it was my first time out of the country.

    I believe I arrived at the Montrose at the ungodly hour of 8:30AM. My room was not ready yet. Luckily there was a married couple waiting there as well for their room for the trip. We were told it would be a few hours and they couldn’t guarantee us a time before the actual check-in time (it was like 11 or 12….possibly a bit later). There is a nice lobby to sit in with plenty of place for your bags. You can even go to the little restaurant attached and buy a pot of coffee and they will bring it out to you.

    We waited around and I got to know the couple. The receptionists took pity on us and somehow got housekeeping to get our rooms ready a bit earlier so we got in around 10 I think.

    You will arrive later in the day than I did. As soon as you get to the Montrose just tell them at the desk you’re on the Contiki tour and is your room ready. Oh and by the way do not take a cab to the hotel from the airport. It is a good drive to the hotel and the cab will be majorly expensive. I think the bus was about 10 euro or maybe cheaper and you tell the driver where to drop you off. It was great and the driver was very nice.

    If you need anything else just ask. That trip changed my entire life. I wish you luck and have fun!


  • 29 Jul 2008 Lauren said


    Hey Rachel – thanks for the info. I figure that if the check in is actually at 11/12ish then I probably won’t have to sit around for too long, anyways. Thanks for the heads up about the cab too – I’m not sure if the information was out there when you did your tour, but contiki did a decent job of informing us not to take a cab from the airport. I looked into the aircoach and I think it’s about 7 euro which is much (much!!) better than the 30-40 it would be to take a taxi. This may be a silly question, but do you know if the aircoach runs often? I have a pretty early flight back home and was nonetheless hoping to be able to catch the bus and save some cash.

  • 29 Jul 2008 BostonPug79 said


    Lauren —

    I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the bus company or I’d send you the link. I THINK it’s Bus Eireann. Anyway for some reason I was under the impression it ran somewhat often but FROM the airport not necessarily to the airport. I was not dropped off at a bus stop, I simply told the driver the Montrose and he pulled up in front of it.

    When I left Dublin I took a cab with like 5 other friends I made on the trip since we all had flights departing around the same time. This is something to consider since a lot of Contiki people did that. I have a feeling that if you wanted the bus back to the airport you’d have to take all your stuff to wherever the nearest stop is and it could be too many blocks for your comfort.

    My suggestion for getting back to the airport is to ask the desk clerks if there is a bus stop nearby to take you, and if so make certain it will pick you up early enough to get back to the airport.

    If the answer is no then definitely find people going back around the same time as you and split the cost with them all. I was so glad I did this because we were all together on the way to the airport and some of us even got to stay with others until the flights left and you can go through customs together (the line was horrible the two times I went through).

    Sorry for being long-winded but I remember exactly how intimidated I was a year ago. Trust me that Ireland is pretty easy to navigate since it’s so small and everyone speaks English.

    Other than that, bring way more money that you thought you’d need. Ireland is very very expensive but I’m from the US so maybe it’s different for you. Good luck!

  • 30 Jul 2008 daydreamer72381 said


    I’ll be arriving in Dublin around 9:30am on the 5th and I also know of someone else who wil be there at about 7:30-8am. Hopefully we’ll be getting some grub and we’ll do a little exploring if we have to wait to check in.

  • 30 Jul 2008 BostonPug79 said


    OK the thing about the Montrose is that it’s a hike to get into anything city related and even then you’re not in the actual hustle and bustle of things. I walked from the Montrose to a busier area and got some food and little things but it was kind of a hike. To get to the actual downtown area would definitely require a cab ride.

    Yeah I think they try to accommodate people who come in early because they know we all can’t help it so sometimes you luck out. The lobby was great to lounge around in and order a pot of coffee. You won’t really want to go out and do any exploring when you have your heavy luggage with you; actually it will be pretty impossible to do so since you either have to walk or take a cab and then walk.

    Pretty much you’re stuck at the hotel until you can get into your room, and then you can explore all you want. I hope you all have the best time on this trip. It was seriously the best thing I ever did.

  • 31 Jul 2008 daydreamer72381 said


    Ok…coffee it is then Big Grin<!--graemlin::D--> lol

  • 31 Jul 2008 Lauren said


    Hey Rachel – You’re getting me really excited for this trip! Since I have you here and you seem to remember your trip pretty well, I was wondering if you’d recommend doing all the optionals provided in SI, or if there are some I should avoid, for being total busts. I’m thinking the 50 euro farewell dinner sounds a bit pricey.

  • 1 Aug 2008 Lauren said


    Hey Erista, thanks for the heads up. I might consider just doing the walking tour anyways ‘cause it’s pretty cheap, and I’ll just leave, like you, if it ends up sucking this time around too. My concern with the farewell dinner is paying 50 euros, and, as a vegetarian, getting a totally bogus meal despite paying so much. I guess the 50 euros probably goes towards the whole experience (dancing, etc.) anyways, though.

  • 2 Aug 2008 Rob said



    I did the GBSI trip last September, and had a blast. Best experience of my life. Evereyone will love you, as you are from Canada! By far Ireland was the best portion of the entire trip! The Montrose Hotel is great, older though. But it does have elevators. The other will be arriving from the ferry about 4:00 I think. The welcome meal is shortly after. Take that advantage to meet everyone. Remember that the others will have been together, and known eachother for over a week.

    Have a great trip,


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