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Asian Adventure 15th May 2011

14 Mar 2011 Katherine asked


Anyone else going on this trip?! So excited! =)

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  • 20 Mar 2011 Jill.B said


    I’ll be booking this trip tomorrow. Super excited; it is going to be awesome.
    I am continuing on to do the Thai Island Hopper East starting on May 28th. I didn’t want to leave Thailand without seeing some of the south.

    Jill (22), Canada

  • 21 Mar 2011 Katherine said


    I just booked the tour yesterday! I can’t wait but i’m a lil nervous as I’ve never been to Asia before, though I did do a contiki tour in canada so i’m not totally new to it all. I’m so jealous that ur doing the island hopper tour aswell! I really want to do one of those tours aswell but i have a lil boy at hm and he’s only 2 years so there’s only so long i can go for unfortuantly but i’ll deff be going bak to do the island hopping tour with my partner next year. Are you traveling alone or have friends going with you? I’m going to be a solo traveler :)

    Kat (21), Australia

  • 30 Mar 2011 Explorer1241778 said


    Hi Jill and Kat,
    I was just looking at booking the asian adventure as well. I’m also interested in the island hopper tour.. how does it work since the tour dates are so close together? is there any organized travel between tours or do you have to plan that on your own?

    Hopefully I’ll see both of you on the tour!

    Stacey (22), Canada

  • 31 Mar 2011 Katherine said


    Hello Stacey,
    First of all I’m jealous, would love to do the island hopping tour aswell! If you’ve booked with a travel agent then they’ll be able organise transfers for you for between the tours. If you’ve booked directly with contiki then try asking this question on their fb page. I’ve posted enquiries on thier wall before and I’ve always found them to be helpful and generally don’t take long to reply either (within 24 hrs). Hope this has helped!

    Should be seeing u in May! :)

    Kat (21), Australia

  • 31 Mar 2011 Jill.B said


    Hi Stacey,

    I’ve booked both trips and a flight between Siem Reap and Koh Samui on the 28th of May. I’d welcome the company if you end up choosing to book both trips as well.

    I’m travelling solo; most of my close friends are hitting up Europe this summer, and I just couldn’t pass up SE Asia.

    Can’t wait! 44 days and counting…


  • 3 Apr 2011 Explorer1241778 said


    So it’s decided :) I’m booking my trip tomorrow including the island hopper! Jill, I’ll be booking the same flight so you will have some company! Excited to meet you guys!


  • 5 Apr 2011 Explorer1177183 said


    Hi Jill/Stacey/Kat!
    I’m doing this trip on 15th May and doing it SOLO! Glad to see I’m not the only one doing it on my own! Glad to meet you guys. I’m from Toronto – and really looking forward to this.


  • 7 Apr 2011 Explorer1177183 said


    are we the only 3 doing this tour on the 15??? lol

  • 13 Apr 2011 Katherine said


    hey paloma,

    good to hear you’ll be joining us! I just got injections yesty for the trip and my arm is so sore today but it will be worth it….. Only 31 days left!!

    My friend Thor has decided he’s going to come on our trip too, he’s just too lazy to go online and chat beforehand haha so we’ve got the 5 of us on the tour guanteed thou im assuming there wud be a fair few more ppl like thor that hasn’t been online that will be coming. Have u travelled before with contiki? I did a tour thru west coast of canada and we had about 25 ppl on that :)

    looking forward to meeting u all :)


  • 13 Apr 2011 Explorer1177183 said


    Hey Kat!
    Yup…i got my shots a couple weeks ago and it felt like I had just left a boxing match i was so sore! lol!

    I’m glad u’ve got a friend coming along – can’t wait to meet you guys! I did the European Encounter with Contiki last year. That was pretty cool – would never had done that much if I were travelling alone. That tour had 50 persons and was really intense. When do you guys get in? I get to Bangkok on 14th and looking for someone to do some exploring with….hint hint :)

    Can’t wait…31 and counting!!!


  • 13 Apr 2011 Katherine said



    I’m so jealous that you’ve done europe! I would love to go but if i did i would want to go for a couple of months so i have to wait till my lil boy grows up a bit (fyi i have a son, Noah, 2 yrs old). I just checked our tours availability and its almost full which means we’re going to have a whole bunch of ppl to have crazy adventures with for the 2 weeks. :D
    Thor and I fly in the day of the tour, pretty sure the flight gets in around 8.30ish but then there’s the trip to the hotel. Since the tour doesn’t start till 6 that night we could always do some exploring together that day. I really want to check out the markets before the tour starts but apart from that i’m keen for whatever adventure comes our way :)


  • 13 Apr 2011 Explorer1177183 said



    Europe was really great! You should get to it when you get a chance…it was a trip I have no regrets about.

    I am so excited to see that famous floating market! If you’re game for that look me up at the front desk when you guys get in and we’ll roll! Very glad that I’ve at least had contact with one person before the tour starts! Flying solo is something else….:)

    Yup tour is almost full! Good stuff!

    Let’s keep messaging back and forth on this ok?


  • 14 Apr 2011 Explorer1244688 said


    Hello All,

    I’ll be going on this as well. I get in on the 15th around noon. I’ve been to Thailand before, but none of the other places so I’m pretty excited to check out Vietnam and Angok Wat in Cambodia especially. I’m going solo too. I’m from California originally but I’ve been living and working in South China for the past year so it’ll just be a quick 2 hour flight for me, so I won’t have any jetlag holding me back.

    Look forward to meeting you all.


  • 14 Apr 2011 Explorer1177183 said


    Looking forward to meeting you Will!!!! Jealous about the jetlag thing tho….


  • 16 Apr 2011 Courtney said


    Hey guys, I just got back from this tour! you’ll love it!!

  • 17 Apr 2011 Katherine said


    This messaging thing is great, i tend to only go on the website once a week but ill try to go on more often so we can keep chatting. I’m quite excited to be able to chat to ppl on the tour before we leave, it also helps the boring contdown not seem as long :) only 27 days left!! How are you going with organising everything for it?

    Hello Hello! Good to see there are still ppl joining in on the convo :) You’ll av to tell me about china wen we go on tour, thats (hopefully) the next place i’ll be doing a contiki tour at. I am very envious of your lack of jetlag but hopefully i should be okay provided i get some sleep on the plane… maybe lol

    That is great to hear! I’m very much looking forward to it! Do you have any advise on what to pack or what to do/not to do during the tour? I’m looking forward to the elephants, its deff on my bucket list and will soon be marked off :)

  • 17 Apr 2011 Jill.B said


    HI Everyone!

    Sorry to be MIA. I’m with Kat on this one. I don’t check this site very often.

    Will and Paloma can’t wait to meet you guys. As for the jet lag I’m definitely going to pack some Gravol and try to sleep on the plane. First few days might be a little tough lol. Will, Angkor Wat is one of my highlights too; can’t wait. Paloma, I am also getting in late on the 14th, so I’ll be around and up for some exploring the morning and afternoon of the 15th.

    Courtney, that’s excellent to hear. Any packing suggestions? What do you recommend bringing/not bringing?
    Were there any really good little restaurants you recommend us searching out?

    Cheers everyone,


  • 18 Apr 2011 Courtney said


    The main advice I have in terms of packing is, pack everything you think your going to need and then halve it. By far he worst thing you can do is over pack, because you need to carry this around with you to a lot of places! Make sure you pack an ‘ouch pouch’ with hand sanitizer / bug spray and nausea tablets (for your hangovers) P.s great to have wipes or something similar too because you very rarely find a toilet with paper.
    Laos was by far my favourite place! You’ll have an amazing time, And theres beautiful restaurants everywhere! Make sure your cameras charged for the Mekong and make sure you go tubing in Vang Vieng! If you havent heard of it, you tube it! Amazing fun!
    What I didnt realise when I went is that you guys will be travelling with the people from the big indochina tour which starts on the same day as you guys except they will keep going onto Vietnam afterwards, if your keen to meet people before you leave you’ll be travelling with them aswell.

  • 20 Apr 2011 Explorer1177183 said


    Thanks for that info Courtney! Will go a long way I’m sure. Did you carry any of the currency for Thailand or did you just change it over there?

    Jill by chance are you flying out of Pearson on the 13th May? Such a small world – hoping that we are on the same flight!

    Kat – organizing is going ok – got my shots – sorted out all my documents (will have to get the visas on arrival) so hopefully by next week everything else will be in place. What about you?

    Really getting excited now that I’ve met some travel buddies :)


  • 20 Apr 2011 Courtney said

    I recommend you take baht to thailand and take plenty of US, keep in mind you have to pay local fees to your guide in US dollars when you arrive plus you pay in US for extra activities like cooking classes etc. Its very easy to exchange money when you get there though.

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