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14 Mar 2011 tina.marie asked


Hi :)

So my boyfriend and I have booked the Expedition European camping tour and I have a few questions for anyone who as done a Contiki camping trip before.

First - How often do you get the opportunity to do laundry, how many days into the trip is the first opportunity?

Second - My boyfriend and I plan on doing some of the optionals of course, such as taking advantage of some of the chances to go to the clubs, dinners, monte carlo casino, etc. and while I love camping, the girl in me would love to be able to do myself for these nights out... At the risk of sounding completely ridiculous, is there any way a girl can blow-dry her hair on a camping tour, or use a straightening iron? Crap like that. I'd like to be able to, but if its just not possible I'd prefer to save the luggage space, ya know? ;)

Anyway, any help, tips, advice concerning camping with Contiki would be greatly appreciated! =)

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