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Egypt and the nile november 26

14 Mar 2011 Explorer1143217 asked


Anyone going on the egypt and the nile tour on november 26 2011?

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  • 6 Aug 2011 Chris B95 said


    Hey, i just booked this tour,

  • 9 Aug 2011 Explorer1274017 said


    I was thinking of doing this tour. Is it safe for a single female?

  • 9 Aug 2011 Reading_Lover said


    @ Explorer1274017

    I hope so, cause that’s me and I’ll be going.

  • 31 Aug 2011 DanniMarie27 said


    @ explorer1274017 and @ reading_lover, me too! I’m looking in to this tour as my trip to Australia for that week got canceled, but I have some reservations about being a single female. That being said, this will be my second Contiki tour, and I was single on the last one in Europe as well and had an amazing time and made so many friends. I had the same reservations the last time, but I think this time they are a bit stronger because of where this tour goes to.

    Is anyone going to Cairo a few days before the tour starts, or staying after it ends? I may get there a day early and stay a day later, but I’m not sure.

  • 9 Sep 2011 Chris88 said


    I travelled to Egypt on my own for my first overseas trip last year, you should be fine. You will have a transfer guide who will look after you from the airport to your hotel and once you are there, it’s best you stay inside hotel if you are absolutely alone, i sugest maybe bringing a laptop with movies if you are there well before the tour starts, cos it can get boreing. once your tour starts you will be as safe as safe gets!

  • 22 Oct 2011 ausguy said


    Hi everyone! I’m booked on this tour also, cant wait. I can’t get in to Cairo from PNG till the day the tour starts, and I’ll be taking off to Dubai the day the tour finishes. Those that haven’t done Contiki before, you will love it!

    The worried and single ladies, its essentially as Chris88 said – when your alone, obviously be cautious just as you would in any other foreign country. But once the tour starts, you’ll basically never be alone and will be as safe you possibly can be. There’s plenty of info available from Contiki and others places to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • 24 Oct 2011 Reading_Lover said



    I will be staying the day after the tour until around 11pm or so. I got an extended day stay to make it simplier for my flight.

  • 25 Oct 2011 Explorer1308280 said


    How much are you guys budgeting for spending money?
    I haven’t booked yet, but I really want to. I’m just wondering if I can afford it. The late deal price is certainly tempting…

  • 25 Oct 2011 Reading_Lover said


    @ Explorer1308280

    I was told that $150 – $200 would be more than enough. But I have no idea if this is accurate. I haven’t really read anything on Contiki sites that mentions how much to take to Egypt. Europe, yes. But Egypt, no.

  • 25 Oct 2011 ausguy said


    I’ve been looking around on the forums and there’s a couple of posts from people that have traveled to Egypt in the past that are quite helpful:

    The second one is a huge read, lots and lots of information. Hope that helps!

  • 26 Oct 2011 CT said


    Just booked this trip. I’ll be going with with my bro. Can’t wait. 30 days to go!!

  • 18 Nov 2011 AmyK82 said


    Hey guys, I’m also booked on this tour. Only a week to go now, looking forward to it!

  • 18 Nov 2011 ausguy said


    HI Amy! Yep its getting close now, can’t wait!

    I see there were some more political protests in Cairo yesterday (friday 18th) but it seems they were totally peaceful with zero violence. I’m sure we’ll all be fine :)

  • 21 Nov 2011 Nick said


    Ausguy, the protests seem to have taken a turn for the worse today with 11 deaths today :(

    The Victoria Hotel is located only a 10 minute drive/30 minute walk from Tahrir Square – an excellent location at almost any other time.

    Hopefully we can get an update on the tour status from Contiki staff as I’m imagining this instability lasts through the elections scheduled for the 28th.

    - Nick

  • 21 Nov 2011 ausguy said


    It certainly has taken a turn for the worse Nick.

    FYI for everyone – I just got off the phone to Contiki. They are monitoring the situation but at this stage the tour is expected to go ahead with no problems expected. I raised the issue of the Vic Hotel been close to Tahrir Square and they still dont seem to expect issues. They said a tour just finished this weekend at the Vic Hotel and didn’t have any problems, when there was 2 fatalities Saturday and another 11 on Sunday according to the news. Very sad. Contiki say they will update us if something on the tour is going to change.

    I’ll probably call again in 2-3 days to see if they’ve changed their viewpoint and will let you all know. Hopefully everything settles down and is ok…only 5 days to go!

  • 21 Nov 2011 Explorer1143217 said


    Hey guys, I just called contiki apparently they didn’t even cancel any tours at the start of the year when they had all the trouble with Mumbarak. If they didnt cancel anything then, I doubt they will cancel anything now. On a more positive note, less than a week to go!!

  • 22 Nov 2011 Paul said


    Hello I am going on this tour also I live in the UK and am a bit worried my flight wont be allowed to go, but I hope I get to meet you all and we have a great time!

  • 22 Nov 2011 ausguy said


    Welcome aboard Paul! Riots or not, only 3 more days to go and I can’t wait! Just avoid Tahrir Square and I dont think we’ll have a problem. Although, I do work in a country where riots and sporadic/violent crime are not uncommon, so I guess I’m a little use to the concept :)

  • 22 Nov 2011 Paul said


    Thanks mate! im not worried too much about the violence, im more worried they will cancel my flight! haha

  • 23 Nov 2011 AmyK82 said


    I know what you mean Paul….I’m from Australia but I live in London so I’m a bit worried that my flight may be delayed or cancelled with the current fog problem!

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