How cheap can you do it?

17 Mar 2011 Hannahandmatt asked


My partner and I are booking the Western Highlights tour in July or August. Just wondering how much spending money we need per day? A lot of peple have said $100 per day but just wondering if anyone has done it cheaper than that? I have heard that food is quite cheap in America and huge meal portions as well... any advice would be great! :) Thanks

  • 18 Mar 2011 Lotte said


    i reckon you dont even need to spend 100 a day but it all depends on the person. Like, on the days they include the meals you save a little bit of money. i went on the grand southern last year some of the people budgeted for like 70-90 a day. found i spent more on the optionals an the tipping lol.

    remember youd need, spending money an money for tipping dont be like me an forget to put money aside for tipping!

  • 29 Mar 2011 Ashlie said


    How much money should we put aside for tipping? I’m doing the Best of USA tour in November.



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