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18 Mar 2011 AngieCanada asked


I will be in Germany in September and have been looking at my options to attend oktoberfest this year. Contiki offers a 5 day trip (4 nights) in shared tents for just under $400 and includes transport from and to London. Downtown Munich Hostels charge about $70/night for dorms during oktoberfest - and I'd have to make friends on-site.

Even if I don't use the Contiki transportation, I think it will be cheaper to be with the Contiki group. Not sure about sleeping in a tent though... does it mean we're sleeping on the ground or are there fold up beds? Also, not sure if I'll actually make more friends to drink with with Contiki as opposed to hostels or if I have the same amount of chances. It seems nothing is planned for the time in Munich so you are left pretty much on your own.

Has anyone ever done this with Contiki?

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  • 18 Mar 2011 AngieCanada said


    ohhh Thanks!! :) Your review is definitely very useful. I will take another week to decide what i am doing!! :) The whole point of oktoberfest is to socialize with lots of beer… that’s what I am looking forward to! :)

  • 28 Mar 2011 AndrewBeer said


    im doing the 5 day Oktoberfest tour this year even though im not much of a camper im looking forward to the whole experience, im counting down the days!

  • 14 Apr 2011 Rossco said


    Do you know if you are doing this yet? Im planning on stretching out my trip so i can go, but ill be joining up with the Contiki in Munich, instead of London, so ill be making friends on-site too. Would be good to know someone before i get there!

  • 19 Apr 2011 AngieCanada said


    I am definitely going to Oktoberfest still but still haven’t decided between Contiki and doing it on my own. The thing that discourage me a little with Contiki is that the shuttles don’t start running before 9 am and to get a table, you need to be there earlier than that. Also… I really hate taking shuttles and would rather walk everywhere. I am giving myself the weekend to think about it and then i’ll book either thru contiki or on my own! :)

  • 20 Apr 2011 Rossco said


    Yeah, i’ve noticed that about the shuttles. does anyone know how far away the camping is from the Oktoberfest grounds? I worked out it’s about $475 AU to stay at Wombats hostel, which is a couple of blocks away, from September 15 – 21. Its around 60-70 Euro per night for a 6 bed mixed dorm.

    Do you know what dates you want to be there? I was thinking about doing the 7 day opening weekend Contiki trip, and just meeting at munich, but turns out some friends might be there around the 24th. Too many decisions!

  • 20 Apr 2011 AngieCanada said


    I’m thinking of staying 3 or 4 night (or the 5-day one with contiki, which really, is more like 3, since there’s two travelling days). I havent decided on the dates. I’m in Europe from August 26th to October 27th, so basically, I can go whenever. Opening weekend must be something though!!!
    If you click the link at the begining of the conversation, someone put up a review from the contiki trip two years ago. He said you had to walk about a mile to the subway station and then get the subway to the park. I find that to be quite… difficult… especially that I’ll probably be hungover from the night before already.

    The hotstel I was looking at is the Meininger City Hostel, which is located at a walking distance to the oktoberfest ground, has wi-fi and also includes breakfast. Comes to about 60 euros a night.

    I really have NO idea which option to take… (and yes, I’m travelling solo – and love to drink. Having fun people to drink with would be fun…)

  • 21 Apr 2011 YacozA said


    I did Euro Impressions last year, and went out to Oktoberfest and had a blast. Naturally, I’m attending the festival again this year, and bringing 4 or 5 mates along.
    We have a hotel booked Sept 17-20 in Munich, and have yet to figure out the whole before or after part of the equation.

  • 26 Apr 2011 Tania01 said


    Hi! I am going to the oktoberfest from sept 22nd till 26th. I read you have to make table bookings for the beertents in advance. Anyone booked yet? We are 2 x people looking to book tables at different tents, as the minimum requirement is 10pax. Anyone interested?

  • 26 Apr 2011 AndrewBeer said


    Me and my partner are interested, were doing the Munich 22nd to 26th also

  • 26 Apr 2011 Rossco said


    Hey Angie, sorry, didnt see your message till then. but i’ve replied finally!

  • 26 Apr 2011 Tania01 said


    Hi Beer Himself, thanx for getting back to me. I have contacted all of the beertents, but no one is responding. Schottenhamel (the biggest tent) is the only to let me know that they are fully booked over the weekend but still have space left in their afternoon session during the week days! Do you maybe know where else we can book, or if someone already have a booking, and looking for people to fill?

  • 26 Apr 2011 YacozA said


    This late in the season you are most-likely to have trouble getting a reservation as they usually are gone by end of Jan/Feb.
    That said, most of the tents have bookings only from after 16:00, and still only for just over half of their tables. It’s not something you need to worry about, esp if it is just 2 of you.

  • 28 Apr 2011 Tania01 said


    Thanx, been stressing this whole time if we will be able to get into a beer tent. What’s the use in going if we cant get into the tents. Thanx for the info.

  • 28 Apr 2011 AndrewBeer said


    Yea for large groups if people booking in advance is probably Important but usually if there only a couple of people wanting a table you have a much better chance at getting a seat

  • 28 Apr 2011 Tania01 said


    Yeah, I know. But it will be MUCH more fun in large tables with friends, than just the 2 of us :) Have you booked anything yet?

  • 30 Apr 2011 AndrewBeer said


    @Tania, i have to agree with you there, i havent booked anything yet as im still waiting for two more of my mates to book their flights so then i can inquire about the beer tents and have an idea of how many people i need to look into booking for

  • 30 Apr 2011 AngieCanada said


    Rossco and I have teamed up and we will be un Munich from Sept 15 to 20th (opening weekend) – if any of you are there and want to meet up for some major beer drinking!? :)
    The more the marrier! :)

  • 4 May 2011 Explorer1246990 said


    hey i wanted to go to Oktoberfest this year but i would be going on my own, this is why i have choose to do it with contiki, is there going to be any solo travellers as im not sure what to do! thanks

  • 8 May 2011 Chrisd said


    I’ll be in Munich around those dates, doing a tour beforehand and road trip with a mate afterwards.

  • 8 May 2011 T to the Izzo said


    Make no mistake, you might save money doing it on your own (albeit not much), and the camping accommodations are rough at best, through Contiki. But you’re paying for the private buses to and from the fairgrounds and to party with people your own age, who speak English, and for breakfast each morning.

    If you’re going with your own friends, than that’s probably not a priority for you.

    As far as getting to the fairgrounds at 8 AM, it’s only a necessity on the weekends. So the buses not leaving until 9, isn’t an issue. As far as reservations, if you have them great, if you don’t, you’ll still get in as long as you get there at a reasonable hour.

    As far as staying at a hostel closer to the fairgrounds, you couldn’t pay me enough to stay near that madness to watch study abroaders and tourists who don’t know how to drink throw up all over the top bunk…

    I think Contiki is a great option if you don’t mind the camping, which is a party into itself; I went alone and met a lot of cool people, most people were there by themselves. One thing I would NOT do again, is take the bus back to London with Contiki, just a gross waste of time. However, I would probably consider doing the trip with them again, especially if I was by myself. Otherwise, I’d look into hotels- and fast.

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