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flying solo

19 Mar 2011 Chel asked


Ive never travelled overseas and am hoping to head to Europe (and will be flying solo) and was wondering if anyone had any advice on what i should take or how to prepare for my trip.

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  • 29 Mar 2011 Nichole said


    I have the same question. Niot sure what to expect on such a long flight without anybody.

  • 11 Apr 2011 Elena said


    I’m flying solo for the first time overseas too! :) My parents recommended to bring your own earphones, because some airlines really charge a lot for them! My flight’s at night, so I’m bringing a book for the trip and possibly a cheap mp3 player to help me sleep. xD Frankly, I’m just nervous having some stranger sit next to me while I sleep on the plane! D:

  • 13 Apr 2011 Becky said


    I have flown solo many times before. It all depends on the airline, but some have personal tv’s that you can pick your own movies (British Airways). I have never had any problems with people next to me. I have noticed that when I have flown solo I always get the window seat which puts you in a small row. Ipods and books are always good.

  • 13 Apr 2011 Explorer1236356 said


    I haven’t flown long distance before either. I have done some reading and there are a few things that stand out in other peoples advice. Don’t take your shoes off, you might not get them back on! Feet can swell while in the air! If you can wear some compression stockings they can help reduce the swelling in your legs.Get up and walk around every hour and do some exercises in your chair. Drink lots of water while flying and avoid drinking coffee/tea/alcohol – it can be dehydrating. If you have allergies or blocked sinus try taking an antihistamine or nasal decongestant (talk to your doctor or pharmacist first) it helps open the passages in your sinus so they don’t block up. EarPlanes (earplugs) can help too. Take a book to read, or a puzzle book. I have decided to keep a journal while on holiday, will keep me entertained while flying and on bus rides! A small tube of moisturiser so your skin doesn’t dry out too much. Those little moist towelettes (not the KFC variety) but ones you can use if you need to freshen up. Keep a change of clothes in your carry on baggage if – heaven forbid – your luggage gets lost. When I don’t get enough sleep and am out of my routine, I usually end up getting sick. I have these tablets called KI Immune Defense, which help boost my immune system. They work wonders!! (Will probably need them after being out partying all night) Good luck, and HAVE FUN!

  • 24 Apr 2011 CK13 said


    My suggestion(even though you’ll be excited) is to sleep if you can. I flew from NY to London…I took a motion sickness pill which pretty much knocked me out for the flight…when I woke up in London the next day @ 8:30 in the morning everyone else was tired and we still had a whole day to go. Hope this helps.

  • 31 May 2011 Explorer1235509 said


    I’m going to try and distract myself as much as possible because I’m terrified of flying. So it’ll be interesting haha.

  • 31 May 2011 Explorer1236356 said


    who are you flying with?

  • 5 Jun 2011 sal said


    hi i have flowen from sydney to london returen few times before Explorer1236356 is right the only thing i would add is take two asprins a day about 5 days leading up to the flight and for the first few days of your holiday with plenty of water it should reduce the swelling of your feet and legs. check with the airline as too how much liquid you can take on the plane. dont take spray deoderant they will take it from you before getting on the plane take a travel roll on deoderant make sure you try to get as much sleep as possible on the plane and take vitamin leading up to the flight and until you get home. hope it helps DRINK PLENTY OF WATER

  • 5 Jun 2011 Explorer1236356 said


    a neck pillow helps too. i had a lady fall asleep on my shoulder and when i got up to have a walk around she slumped into my chair. i touched her arm lightly to wake her so she could move and she screamed out OH wow! you scared me! i had to laugh, half the plane heard her! also, i found plane food isnt always that flash, so take a box of snacks. also, if you can arrange to get seats away from the toilets you will be able to sleep easier. i really liked flying with v australia, they had a good entertainment system for each passenger. it made the time go by a lot faster.

  • 5 Jun 2011 Elena said


    Also, I’d say that for those who have received their tickets without a seat number, check on their website: I went to Air and picked out both of my seats! :) Also, do that ASAP, because the good seats get reserved quickly! For example, for my plane, on one way, there were almost no more window seats and most places that were left were next to the bathroom, or a window seat exactly on the airplane’s wing. So you can’t really see anything because of it. :) Thanks for all of the tips by the way!

  • 6 Jul 2011 Explorer1084121 said


    I have just done this trip Ex Adelaide through to London via Singapore on Singapore Airlines and what I did was take a Coffee at around 4pm a few days before my flights to help me prepare for the long haul and it worked like a charm.I got excellent seats right by the window just behind the Business Class a few rows back from the bassinet area which helped me get on and off the flights a lot sooner.It also helped that they were serving water and juice throughout the flights and I was practically able to see London in the limited time I had the day before my tour without feeling tired.In fact I was up till 11pm on my very first night but this was there in June.I am not sure how many of you would cope in the winter months.

  • 19 Dec 2011 Reka803 said


    I have flown solo from the states to europe, I slept most of the time and it made the time go by fast you can get more sleep at the hotel before you meet your tour manager.

  • 22 Jan 2012 Rhys said


    Hey guy’s i’ve done the trip from Australia to Europe and Australia to North America a couple of times… I’ve got a few great tips over you might want to check out prior to your solo trip. Don’t fret the guys at Contiki are great you’ll have an awesome time on your tour.

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