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Spending money in London before contiki tour

31 Mar 2011 Carly asked


I'll be spending a week in London before my trip and just wanted to know how much money do you think i'll need??

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  • 31 Mar 2011 Mugga said


    i was wondering the same thing

  • 31 Mar 2011 Hayley said


    Unfortunately London is pretty expensive. I’m from Canada and I usuall budget that everything will cost 1 and 1 half more than what it will here.
    In terms of how much you’ll need to bring really depends on what you want to do. You’ll have to take into consideration getting around (I believe the tube is 4 pounds) and attractions (The Tower of London, for example, is 17 pounds) and then meals.
    One thing to consider: chances are you’ll be back to London someday, so maybe right now, choose what you really want to do (a ’must’see’) and then when you go back again, you can do everything you missed.

    Good luck, and I guarantee you’ll love this city!!

  • 7 Apr 2011 LesleyFromCanada said


    I booked the London Explorer tour and I’ve extended my stay by two more days, so I’ll be in London with Contiki for about a week.

    I took out £800 in cash… do you think that’ll be enough for a week-long stay in London for miscellaneous things (food, attractions, souvenirs)?

    I’m very low-budget when it comes to food; I’m so busy sightseeing that I sometimes forget to eat, lol. I’m also more into picture & video as souvenirs, so I don’t foresee myself going TOO crazy on souvenirs. As for attractions, I think Contiki is going to cover the majority of what I want to see, but I’m still looking into that.

    So is £800 enough? Or should I aim for £1000?

  • 8 Apr 2011 Hayley said


    Hi Lesley!

    I would say that £800 is more than good enough! ATM’s are everywhere in London so if you happen to run out (which i doubt you will) you can always take out some extra cash. For the attractions that aren’t included in the Explorer package, I recommend inquiring with the Basement to see what rates they can give you. I booked the Tower of London through them and the London Eye. Food is, unfortunately, going to cost you a bit.

    Hi Harts!

    I think that is a good budget for the day! That should cover the tube, any attractions you might want to see and meals.

    A great website to check out is…it gives a great overview of practically every city and gives you an average of what things costs all in one place (saves flipping through guidebooks!)

  • 8 Apr 2011 Carly said


    Hayley thank you for the website link that’s really given me a good understanding of prices in London :)

  • 9 Apr 2011 Kaz said


    As Australians when we went to London last year we found that attractions, clothes etc when converted over were similar prices to here. We did find bottles of water, coke and foods to be a little bit cheaper.. I didn’t personally find London to be expensive.. You just have to remember you’re there on holidays so you will do multiple attractions in a day.. Prices for a lot of those things are online

  • 9 Apr 2011 Holski said


    I’m probably too late but SWEET LORD YOU NEED TO VISIT PRIMARK!!!!!!!!!!
    It is the best cheap shopping I’ve ever experienced, very close to the city centre not to be missed
    I recommend a few hundred pounds minimum for a weeks stay

  • 11 Apr 2011 TrippyGirl said


    i would say 100 pounds a day for just food & drink, accommodation, excursions & entrance fees are the more expensive parts.

  • 5 May 2011 BookwormMel said


    I had a similar question (thinking of going on the explorer tour next year), I’ve got all the money I need for flights and the tour just need spending money now. Thanks for all the help!

  • 5 May 2011 Megan Renee said

    Megan Renee

    I’m looking at travelling in september/October ending my trip in the london & paris tour. I plan to get to London a few weeks before, but I’m unsure as to what to do for those few weeks. I’m on a very low budget. Also I’m travelling solo.

  • 5 May 2011 Megan Renee said

    Megan Renee

    I would also consider other tours

  • 17 May 2011 Brooke2010 said


    hi megan, i would recommend seeing the stonehenges day tour thats about 70pounds plus seeing the famous roman bath.
    the hop on and hop off bus tour sounds good too.
    just seeing all the sites around london is a must plus seeing a theatre show!
    i would suggest to ask family for some extra money for an early bday/xmas present!
    i hope you have fun.
    im going next week wooooo

  • 18 May 2011 HueChen said


    I didn’t think london was that expensive compared to paris, italy or switizerland… a Big Mac value meal in Switzerland is 15 euro to give you an example. You will want to do the double decker bus tour and visit alot of the sites. Plan on 80 pounds a day to get it all in

  • 18 May 2011 p@rick said


    Anyone know how the clubs are like in London? Pricewise… IE: Cover, Drinks, Bottle Service, etc…. I’ll be in London for 4 extra nights after my European Discovery tour and so I’m thinking at least £150/per day… Just want to make sure I have enough for the night. Haha

  • 7 Jul 2011 sophieeeee said


    You will fine with 150 pounds per day, does that include amount include your accomadation? You can go out relatively cheaply it just depends on where you go, big night clubs such as fabric etc.. are quite expensive, but if you go to the smaller clubs for example in east london you’l find it considerably less expensive.

  • 27 Jul 2011 AdrianP said


    i just got home from london yesterday and unless you’re looking to go to a show or doing a lot of shopping you should easily be able to get by on considerably less than 50 pounds a day if you already have accomodations (this coming from a 24/m). i’m from the u.s. and our dollar is terribly weak at the moment but i had no difficulty seeing most of the major attractions and museums in the few days leading up to and day after my contiki. with regards to food, i quickly learned to copy the locals and would head to the nearest tesco or waitrose, grab a sandwich, chips, drink, piece of fruit and some candy for around 6 pounds then head to the nearest park and eat with everyone else. rather than wasting 40 pounds on a hop on/ hop off tour it’s much easier to just get a day tube pass for about 7 pounds and leave the exploring up to yourself. the tube is extremely efficient and easy to navigate although some lines and stations may be closed due to track maintenance at various times throughout the week.

    london is an amazing place and i seriously can’t wait to go back. just remember to look the right (i mean left) way before crossing the street : )

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