Trying to leave Bulgaria or Romania Please Help!

6 Jun 2007 jnkametz said

Okay, so I have relavtives in Bratislava. I already tried to extend my ultimate european trip but I cannot do so without extensive penalties. So I was thinking about skipping over Bulgaria and/or Romania. Is anyone familiar with times that we get to these destinations? Or does anyone know how to travel out of these areas? Please let me know ASAP.
  • 6 Jun 2007 Steftacular said


    i have no idea – but just wanted to know which UE trip you’re doing Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 13 Jun 2007 Ben said


    i was over there 2 years ago, and will be back there at the start of august….

    The majority of trains there are slow, best bet for your would to be flying….

    I main did those little mini-bus type things (you know the 12 seater’s), but thats because i have friends who are locals. (they tend to have a spot where all the departing mini-buses meet up)… Those were cheap from what i remember, But u gotta watch out what border crossing you go through: (i went through an isolated one and they delayed the bus like 30 mins cuz it looked like they had never seen a canadian passport before)

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