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11 Jul 2007 MICHAEL ASHBY said

Hello All,<BR>Am a traveller who is looking for some new cool places to visit. Have seen a large amount of europe and would love to hear from you guys & gals out there that have experienced some must see places that you would love to revisit or highly recommend !!!!Europe or US<BR>Mick
  • 12 Jul 2007 cdm115 said


    If you want natural sceanery – Norway!

    I’ve really enjoyed Russia and Egypt and would recommend them. I liked Egypt more then Russia, but both are worth the trip.

  • 13 Jul 2007 Cherie said


    Also if your after scenery check out rural england the countryside there is beautiful……..

  • 13 Jul 2007 K-Co said


    If you want nature kind of travel, try Canada ( I am a bit biased) or Costa Rica was really a lot of fun, there is tonnes to do and see.
    I haven’t been to Iceland, but from what I have read it is very interesting nature wise and there is a really cool night life in Rykavik(sp).

  • 13 Jul 2007 Loogie said


    The best scenery I’ve ever seen is in New Zealand followed by Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, and French Riviera.


    Southern Ireland ‘97
    Grand Explorer ’00
    Rainbow Nation ’01 (no longer offered by Contiki)
    Beaches & Reefs ’02-’03

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