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Grand Southern 23rd sept 2011 NY-LA

18 Apr 2011 Explorer1202365 asked


Who is on this trip????

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  • 11 Jun 2011 Cruisey said


    I should hopefully be on this trip :)

  • 14 Jun 2011 Beau-perth,West Aust said

    Beau-perth,West Aust

    im booked in, where you from?

  • 16 Jun 2011 Cruisey said


    I’m now booked in, have made a deposit. Even though my hols are yet to be approved from work haha
    Oh well
    I’m from Melbourne :)

  • 19 Jun 2011 lizzie :) said

    lizzie :)

    Hey guys,

    I’m now going on this tour… I was meant to be doing the one leaving 23rd December, but circumstances have changed and I am now doing this one. Originally from Adelaide, living in London and am moving back to Aust after this tour :) how long is everyone staying before and after the tour?

  • 4 Jul 2011 Cruisey said


    Hi Lizzie

    Well, I booked my flights today. So it looks like i’m coming :)
    I’m spending a week in San Francisco & 5 days in New York before the tour and then 2 days after tour in LA.
    How about you?

  • 4 Jul 2011 lizzie :) said

    lizzie :)

    Hey Cruisey,

    I’m getting to NYC on the 20th around midday so will have 2.5 days there beforehand. At this stage I’m in LA for 2 days after tour and want to head to San Fran also… But I actually don’t leave the states till the 5th November so quite a long trip :)

  • 11 Jul 2011 Cruisey said


    I just realised that I’m going to be by myself for 12 days prior to the tour. :( Does anyone want to catch up in New York beforehand??
    Where is everyone staying? It’s my 2nd time to New York :)

  • 12 Jul 2011 lizzie :) said

    lizzie :)

    Hey Cruisey,

    Yeah it’d be good to catch-up for a drink beforehand… I get to NYC on the 20th and will be staying at the W New York for the 20/21 and then at the Contiki hotel on the 22nd… It’ll be my 3rd time in NYC and I absolutely love it there :)

    If there is a group of us in NYC beforehand we should look at heading to the hawaiian bar that is near times square for a few cheeky pre-tour drinks :)

  • 31 Jul 2011 Cruisey said


    hey Lizzie
    It looks like its just you and me at the moment lol. But, I’m up for something if your still keen.
    I’m staying in the times square area so I will be nearby anyway :)
    We can sort something out closer to the time.
    Not long to go now :)

  • 1 Aug 2011 lizzie :) said

    lizzie :)

    Hey, yeah it appears like that.

    I have been chatting to another girl Alana Thomas who is doing the tour, so it may just be the three of us lol.
    Its gone quite quick now… I am not sure if I am staying at W or at Ace Hotel, but both are walking distance to Times Square/Rockafeller etc, so we will be able to catch-up beforehand :)

    Its so close now, I only have 4 weeks left of work in the UK and also a cruise around the Aegean Sea to go before it is time to pack up my little London flat and head to the State… I am getting excited as I absolutely love the USA :)

  • 3 Aug 2011 Abby said


    Hey i’m on this trip too :) i’m working in Washington before the trip, heading to NY on the 20th- i haven’t booked a hotel so i’ll look into the ones you guys are at! its my 2nd time to NY, absolutely love it too! majorly excited for this trip! x

  • 4 Aug 2011 lizzie :) said

    lizzie :)

    Hey Abby,

    Yay, glad to know there is someone else on the tour. I am staying at a hotel in Midtown (my dad has arranged it), but it is walking distance to Rockafeller / Times Square etc and then at the Contiki hotel on the 22nd (as it is normally bags to coach at 7.45am). We should all catch-up for a drink… I love NYC and this will be my 3rd time to the states.

    Not long to go now… just gotta save a little more spending money :) x

  • 4 Aug 2011 Cruisey said


    Hey Lizzie
    Your sounding like an expert there.. bags to coach at 7:45am lol

    Yay!! Abby, so now there is 4 of us :)
    I’m staying at the Sanctuary on 47th in times square area.. Let me know if you decide to stay there as I’m going to be there a few days prior to the trip. :)

    I’m looking forward to meeting you both :)

  • 4 Aug 2011 lizzie :) said

    lizzie :)

    yeah I am a little bit of an expert when it comes to Contiki now as this will be my 8th (I think) tour, and third around the states…

    Yeah, it’ll be good to meet before the tour for a few pre-tour bevvies :) not long now!

  • 4 Aug 2011 lizzie :) said

    lizzie :)

    Abby / Cruisey…

    we should look at starting a facebook group (although I don’t actually know how to do that, but I do know how to plan an advertising campaign on it lol).

  • 5 Aug 2011 Cruisey said


    Ok so I tried to create a fb group for us but unless theres another way to do it I need to have some friends to add to it first. haha..
    If you guys want to inbox me with your names or emails for it, I will try and make one for us :)

  • 6 Aug 2011 Abby said


    wow Lizze 8th trip! this is my first, be prepared for being bombarded with questions over the next few weeks, i have no idea what to take, or what to expect. I’m hoping to get hotels etc all booked tomorrow, i’m hoping to take a trip to niagra falls in my days before the trip so i need to figure out dates.

    are either of you staying in LA for a bit after? x

  • 7 Aug 2011 lizzie :) said

    lizzie :)

    Hey Abby,

    Yeah I am a bit of a contiki junkie… feel free to bombard me with questions… my email is and I am also on facebook :)

    I am staying in LA for approx 5 or so days… I haven’t actually finalized any of my plans for after the tour, other than my departure date back to Aust on the 18th November. I really want to go to Disneyland… and/or Universal Studios whilst in LA.

  • 8 Aug 2011 Cruisey said


    I haven’t been on as many contiki’s as Lizzie, but that being said this will be my 4th haha.
    I did the grand northern last year.

    I have created a facebook group. Hopefully, this link will work : If not let me know and i’ll add you. So far it’s just me and liz haha.
    I had trouble finding you Abby :(

    I’m in LA for 2 well almost 3 days afterwards. I don’t really have too many plans at the moment apart from venice beach/ santa monica one day. I went to Disneyland & univeral studios last year so i’m still open to suggestions. I just don’t know what i’m going to do on the friday as my flight back home isn’t until 23:30pm :(. LAX is the most boring airport.!!

    Ohh btw I received my documents today.. If you guys have any questions let me know :)

  • 8 Aug 2011 Simon1260 said


    Me thinks i might be on this one with you guys..
    Im booked on the eastern discovery starting the same date from NYC.
    From my previous conitki experience we usually get on the same tour and exit half way ..
    i could be wrong though.. would be great to catch up for a drink in NYC before the tour either way.

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