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Winter Wanderer Dec. 25th-Jan. 17th, Let's go!

27 Apr 2011 Let's have some fun! asked


Hi Guys,
I booked this trip solo and wanted to meet some fellow travelers that will be attending. Is anyone going?

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  • 6 Jun 2011 Jo said


    i have recently just booked the same tour and i am also traveling solo. I am so excited and cannot wait

  • 6 Jun 2011 Let's have some fun! said


    Me too! I can’t wait to meet people from all over the world. I have no idea what to pack because here in California we don’t need winter clothes. Is this your first time going to Europe?

  • 7 Jun 2011 Jo said


    i have no idea wat to pack either lol im a lil cared i will freeze! yeah this is goin to be my first time going overseas so im a lil scared but mainly super excited. cant wait to meet new people and see everything in europe. are u goin just for the tour or r u doing some more travelling after the tour?

  • 8 Jun 2011 Let's have some fun! said


    I’m going just for the tour.

  • 9 Jun 2011 Jo said


    Hi Jeames,
    i know wat u mean about the weather im feaking out about how cold it is goin to be but super excited because i have never seen snow!! Are you just going for the wedding and the tour? thats a nice lenght of time for a holiday if you are. I arrive in london on the 21st december and fly home 20th february, so i plan to do some more travelling after the tour!

  • 9 Jun 2011 Let's have some fun! said


    Hi Jeames,
    I’m not happy about the weather either because snow is not in a Californians vocabulary Lol!
    Jo & Jeams it’s awesome that you guys are going to be able to enjoy yourselves before and after the tour begins.
    Is there anything that is must do while on the tour???

  • 10 Jun 2011 Jo said


    im kind of dont really have anywhere in particular in mind to travel too i thought i would just see wheaat happens. i cant wait for nye in barcelona either think it will definately be a great experience. i am pretty excited to go to rome and see the trevi fountian etc cant wait for the whole trip really i think its going t4o hopefully be awesome

  • 10 Jun 2011 Let's have some fun! said


    I am looking forward to bringing in the New Year in Barcelona that is one of the reasons why, I chose this tour date. I am looking forward to eating good food and seeing as much as I can; I’m sure I’m going to look like a tourist, but that’s okay I’m soaking it all in. There are a few must sees’, I know i can’t see everything, but these are some of them.
    Amsterdam- the red light district, why because we don’t have it in the U.S and people say it’s crazy! Also, I want to actually witness someone smoking weed in public at a “coffee shop”. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Paris-I want to drink coffee at a cafe and see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre Museum
    Barcelona-live Spanish guitar (somewhere local), flamenco show (maybe), La Sagrada Familia,
    Venice-Gondola ride, St Mark’s Square
    Rome-Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Sistine chapel-if the line is not too long
    Florence-The Duomo Florence
    Berlin-Brandenburger Gate-(I’m into German history), Berlin wall, holocaust memorial, and Reichstag building.

    • Sorry Guys, I got carried away with my list* SMH!
  • 1 Jul 2011 Hailzbee said



    I’m Hayley from Australia and I have also booked this tour with my husband Dean (don’t worry we’re not an old fuddy duddy married couple!!). We too also booked this tour purely so that we can celebrate the NYE in Barcelona! It was either Barcelona or Berlin, but the Berlin tour departed too early for us…
    I am sooo excited about this trip, it will be our first Europe trip and also first snow experience. I am freaking out a little that Im not going to be able to fit everything in my suitcase hahaha.
    We will be spending 6 weeks in total, we plan on travelling to Krakow and Paris after our Contiki.

    There’s also a FB group set up for our tour, not sure who set it up as there were more members once upon a time…

    Really looking forward to meeting everyone and experiencing the European lifestyle :)

  • 6 Jul 2011 Let's have some fun! said


    Hi Hayley,
    That’s awesome that you and we’re husband are going to be Europe for 6 weeks. “Fuddy Duddy” LOL!!! I haven’t heard that in years. I keep reading everyone’s posts and they all said they wished they would’ve packed lighter. Is there anything that the two of you are looking forward to doing or seeing?

  • 6 Jul 2011 Let's have some fun! said


    Hayley, under what name is the facebook page for our trip?

  • 6 Jul 2011 Hailzbee said


    hadada me neither, but thought it was an appropriate analogy :)
    Looking forward to EVERYTHING, but nothing really in particular. Hoping to experience some snow as neither of us have seen it before… Our usual holiday consists of tropical islands etc :) so this will make a great change! (I hope!)

    The FB name is “Contiki Winter Wanderer – 25th December 2011 – 17th Jan 2012”

  • 7 Jul 2011 Alexandra said


    Hey everyone. I was looking at doing the Contiki starting Dec 29 but would be in transit for NYE! So have decided to do this one. I am from Australia and travelling solo. By the looks of it there will be alot of us Australians!

  • 7 Jul 2011 Let's have some fun! said


    Hi Alexandra,
    Yes, from the looks of it, it does seem like there will be a lot of Australians on this tour. I guess I’ll have to be the one representing America LOL!!!!! I’m kidding ; . )
    Has anyone ever booked a trip with Contiki before?

  • 12 Jul 2011 Hailzbee said


    Hi James, not sure what’s going on with the Contiki group. I think who ever originally set it up has since left the group. I have just set up a new one, so try “Contiki Winter Wanderer 25 December 2011 – 17 January 2012” :)

  • 17 Jul 2011 Dolphin Juanma said

    Dolphin Juanma

    Hi everyone!
    I`m Juan from Venezuela (living in Argentina at the moment).
    I booked this trip so I will be seeing you in a few months I suppose :)
    This is my first time to Europe, I`m very excited!

  • 17 Jul 2011 Let's have some fun! said


    Hi Juan,
    Are planning on arriving before the trip begins or staying longer in Europe after the trip ends? Are there any places that you are looking forward to seeing on this trip? How is Argentina? I figured, if I like this trip I would book the Argintina/Brazil trip with Contiki. Either that or China in Nov. 2013.

  • 19 Jul 2011 Hailzbee said


    Hi Juan, this will be our first time to Europe as well :) and needless to say I am already on the countdown even tho its 5 months away!!

    Jeames, I haven’t received any request on FB yet so maybe check that it’s the right one :)

  • 31 Jul 2011 Talah said


    Hey everyone, my sister and I are about to book this trip too! I’m 21, she’s 19, both from Canberra and cant wait for it! Planning on getting to London around the 15th and maybe heading over to Dublin for a few days to see a friend. Trying to book a trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco for after but haven’t found anything decent yet so may just have to wing it. Heading home through Jordan and Dubai. Very excited for NYE in Barcelona! :)

  • 1 Aug 2011 mitch said


    hey guys me and my good mate are also joinin this trip were both twenty keen to party and and enjoy ourselfs this is just one of our tours after this tour were in austria snowboardin for 7 days then london for four months then we hit the states up but cant wait for the trip n to meet evryone n barcelona yew

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