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Anyone on the 32 Day June 28th Easy Rider ?

29 Apr 2011 Tania Lee asked


My friend and i are on it and i was just seeing who else is on it?

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  • 11 Jun 2011 Erin said


    Totally agree, thought I was good to go then realised all the small things i still need to organise! As far as money goes i’m doing a bit of everything, the majority of mine will be on Travelex cards in Pounds and Euros then i’ll have some on my debit card and also credit card for emergencies/shopping/drinking hahah

  • 11 Jun 2011 Courtney Blanche said

    Courtney Blanche

    I have a few travelex cards and a bit of cash…..As long as you have Visa or Mastercard zou can get money out pretty much anywhere! The weather has been really good! So hot in Croatia but there is rain coming next week….Hopefully the weather will be good for us!

    Have you guys got sleeping bag liners?

  • 11 Jun 2011 Jessica said


    Sleeping bag liners?? Do you mean the bags we put our sleeping bag in? What about them??

    That’s good to hear about the warm weather. I get so cold it’s ridiculous!! I have a sleeping bag that will keep me warm at -8…hoping this will keep me

    Courtney, thanks for the iPhone info. I will go to australia post and order a micro sim. Downloaded skype today :) Definitely bringing my iPhone. Your budget is awesome!! I’m aiming around $5000 euro. Just have to put it onto my travelex.

    Are you enjoying your trip?

    Who was staying in a hostel in london? What is the name of the hostel, my friends are trying to find accommodation in London.

  • 11 Jun 2011 Courtney Blanche said

    Courtney Blanche

    I stayed at keystone house hostel in kings cross and it was awesome! So close to the tube and really clean….breakfast included for $30 :)

    Um sleeping bag liners! You can get like fake silk fabric liners to go inside your sleeping bag that you pull out and wash instead of sleeping in a dirty sleeping bag for a month! Makes life heaps easier if you get muddy and are too drunk to deal with it until morning haha. I got one for $20 from my local camping store :)

    That’s heaps :) you’ll be fine! It’s so sad when you convert your money from dollars to euros :( it just shrinks to nothing…well mine did. My trip has been awesome so far. Met so many cool people!!! Very excited to get rowdy with you guys though!! Haha :)


  • 12 Jun 2011 Erin said


    Glad you mentioned the liners, I got given one and wondered if I should bother taking it but sounds like it will be useful!
    A volcano in chile has caused most flights in NZ to be cancelled, hope it sorts it’s shit before I’m due to leave!!!

  • 12 Jun 2011 Simon said


    Soooo buying a liner and sussing my coins tomorrow :)… got around 7000 dollars… aiming on 80 euro a day for contiki and then a couple grand for aussie when I get there.. Also hating on the ash clouds above new zealand got 2 weeks to sort that shit out sky!! Ps am getting blackmailed to come out each weekend at home because : “your leaving soon, come drink”?? or similar… it so hard to save haha.

  • 13 Jun 2011 Tania Lee said


    Damn going away for a few days, i had to take notes on this conversation so i knew what i wanted to say/ask!!
    I was given a sleeping bag liner too and i almost was about to not bring it but this conversation changed my mind as well. I think it makes sence.. considering i doubt every night we will all be squeaky clean when we go to bed!
    The iPhone 4 sim, we just go into Australia post and order it.. is it just called an international sim?
    May have been answered earlier but my note taking isnt too flash at the moment… :)

    EXAMS.. shitt.. id almost forgotten admist the europe, packing, stress, work thats running through my head..

    EXAMS.. shitt.. id almost forgotten admist the europe, packing, stress, work thats running through my head..Haha simon, im the same..i have something on friday, saturday, sunday night this it is the LAST WEEKEND before jess and i fly out..

    EXAMS.. shitt.. id almost forgotten admist the europe, packing, stress, work thats running through my head..Haha simon, im the same..i have something on friday, saturday, sunday night this it is the LAST WEEKEND before jess and i fly out..CANT WAIT!!

  • 15 Jun 2011 Simon said


    heya crew, quick question… im thinking of only getting a pound and euro travelex cards?? are people opting for others aswell??

  • 15 Jun 2011 loxley said


    simon i got both of those travelex cards – everyone who i have talked to whos travelled, suggested them straight away. mine were free at the post office, free conversion rate, reloadable and each on comes with a primary and secondary card so youve got a back up. heaps easier way of doing it. p.s 13 daysss till contiki yewwww

  • 15 Jun 2011 Simon said


    amazing :) im sussed then… cheers for the info! PS BLUES for the win tonight!

  • 15 Jun 2011 Chad said


    it’s geting so close now, another 6 days before i leave for england!!!!! when is everyone flying out anyone going with royal brunei from brisbane on the 21st at all? im hoping i have enough money for the trip, i’m just going to be taking my visa debit card with me, instead of the travelex cards hopefully that’s good enough. what’s everyone doing after the tour, anyone staying over there?

  • 15 Jun 2011 Lexi said


    i know its so close! I leave at 6am on monday. I think I’m getting a Commonwealth travel card because they’re $15 and they dont charge you to put money on the first time and you can load different currencies onto it. Also, I got my international simcard from contiki and it was free :)

    Chad I’m heading back to Amsterdam after the tour and hanging out with a friend there, then probably head back to london, maybe via somewhere else! are you staying longer?

    So we all heading out for a big one the night before the tour? pretty pumped to finally meet everyone!

  • 15 Jun 2011 Tania Lee said


    Chad, Jess and i are on Royal Brunei on the 21st from Brissie!! are you on the 12:40pm flight?

  • 15 Jun 2011 Chad said


    wicked, yeh im on the 12:40, man that’s weird almost haha. cheapest one haha!
    sounds sweet lexi, im looking forward to being in amsterdam, i’ve only heard good things! yeh im going to be hopefully staying and working in England, no uni or anything for me to go back to. haha .

  • 16 Jun 2011 Courtney Blanche said

    Courtney Blanche

    Hey! Yeah it’s called travelsim and you will have to call travelsim and order the sim card from them directly…they’re so helpful…I struggled with mine and emailed them…they called me within 5 mins and sorted it out for me :)

    I have a euro cash passport and I just exchanged aussie dollars for punds because I figured I wouldn’t need that many pounds as we aren’t there for very long :)

    Does everyone know that the Swiss Alps have their own currency? Still yet to suss out whether they will actually accept euros.

    Jess and I fly back to Aus on the 30th of July….So we leave almost straight away. Very excited though!!!! Jess arrives in 10 days I cannot wait!!!!

  • 17 Jun 2011 loxley said


    i fly out in four days and for the last week ive had a constant hangover from so many ‘farewells’ i swear ive said goodbye to some people numerous times! deviants!

    quick question – how large are your backpacks like how many litres? mine just came and im thinking stuff the sleeping bag i could probably sleep in this…with about 3 midgets. its massive.

    stupid swiss! maybe we can forget currency and pay them in apples or something – i dont need something else to worry about currently hahaha.

    and my iphone just broke, anyone know how to replace a broken screen? causeee that would help alot.


  • 17 Jun 2011 Tania Lee said


    Omg steph!! I just shattered my screen this morning!! No more iPhone overseas for me!!!

  • 17 Jun 2011 James said


    Hhahahaah no more iPhones for you lot! you should get those cheap arse $25 ones for traveling, i got one and its battery life is 500 hours!
    As for the swiss, they use the swiss frank and its got an insane conversion rate. i was there 2 years ago and maccas was charging $12 aussie for a cheese burger and chips. its nuts over there.

    You should pack a sleeping bag regardless Loxley haha, unless the midget orgy in your backpack is too tempting! Ben and I have 90L packs with detachable day packs.
    2 weeks from now we will all be in spain or something crazy like that!
    Enjoy your pre Contiki hangovers :P

  • 18 Jun 2011 Simon said


    Ahh got another hint from a mate that did this tour last year… bring heaps of vitamins/berocca etc. If one person on the bus is sick, the whole bus gets sick! 7 days… contiki the movie begins for me :D

  • 18 Jun 2011 Nick Esplin said

    Nick Esplin

    Hey Guys,
    looking forward to meeting you all and getting into some of these contiki parties that half the world talks about. See you all in a week or so.
    Cheers Nick

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