Suitcase or backpack for asian adventure?

3 May 2011 Alec asked


I'm doing the asian adventure later this year and i just want to know if a suitcase or back pack would be better. Cheers.

  • 3 May 2011 Explorer1239831 said


    I havent been on this tour but I have travelled asia, I would recommend a backpack. Roads and paths are uneven so wheels just get stuck and suitcases tip over. The multistory accomodation we stayed in also didnt have elevators and therefore was much easier to manage with a backpack than suitcase

  • 3 May 2011 Chris H said

    Chris H

    I took a suitcase last year and that was fine.

  • 4 May 2011 Alec said


    So i have a suitcase that has backpack straps and wheels, so i should be right?

  • 4 May 2011 Chris H said

    Chris H

    Yeah that’ll be fine, I had to carry mine up a couple of flights of stairs at the hotel in Vang Vieng but apart from that there was hardly any carrying to do.

  • 5 May 2011 Alec said


    Thanks for the help guys.



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