Wow, what a tour!!!!!

4 May 2011 Artist421 said


To anyone going on this European Highlights tour, get ready for such a exciting trip! I will definitely recomend this to anyone. At times it seems fast paced but you still get to see all the sights and the tour manager was an absolute gem. He ensured we were well looked after and stopped at nothing to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. I have met so many new friends, have such a big photo album full of magical memories. Single or not, this is the tour for you! Thank you Contiki, Thank you Garai!!!!!! No tomorrow, No regrets!

  • 20 Sep 2011 nervous_traveler said


    Just wondering did he do the whole sneaky contiki and blue bannana thing with ur group as well?

  • 20 Sep 2011 Artist421 said


    O my Goodness, no. Sounds very interesting though. It also sounds as if our group influenced him into doing even naughtier things with his other groups! He was once such a nice innocent young man – well untill he met our group of course! :-)

  • 21 Sep 2011 PinaI said


    Glad you had a blast, that’s what it’s all about!

  • 8 Jan 2012 Kirra said


    Hey im just wondering are all of the excursion dinner meals worth paying for? I dont want to waste money (which is tight) on a shit dinner.

  • 9 Jan 2012 Artist421 said


    Hi, The dinners are absolutely worth it EVERY time. I also thought having a little sandwhich here and there might see me through but I tell you it’s not just paying for the dinner, it’s also experiencing the people and atmosphere. The food is really good, especially in France (optional dinner in artistic region) & Italy (traditional Italian cuisine optional dinner). We were spoiled with live music while you eat and the food ranged from the most incredible onion soup (topped with crumbs and lots of cheese) to Orange duck that fell of the bone in France & then 7 courses of pasta & garlic breads in Italy!!! you cant get better than that!

  • 25 May 2012 MichaelClark said


    I just did the European Inspirations tour. Had Garai.He taught us new works.
    Sneaky Sneaky. Blue Banana. etc etc. Contiki tiki. Contiki tiki follow the right guide.
    We had OJ as the coach driver.



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