Greek Island Hopping Questions...

18 Jan 2008 wanderlustFL said

Hi everyone,<BR><BR>I'm booking the Greek Island Hopping tour with a friend for sometime in late June and was wondering a few things. Any input would be appreciated...<BR><BR>1) For anyone who has been on this tour, how much money did you end up spending? I know this tour is different from the bus tours and I have been reading Greece is relatively cheap. Which brings me to my next inquiry...<BR><BR>2) How much were drinks? Does this vary greatly from island to island? Is it smart to buy your own liquor bottles on the island or is that expensive as well? Yes, I plan on this being my main expense... food is secondary!<BR><BR>3) Is it true about the toilets...nothing except what comes out of your body can go in the toilet?? <BR><BR>4) Which optionals would you recommend?



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