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Amsterdam's Coffee Shop

20 May 2011 p@rick asked


I guess it's safe to say around here that majority of people here has passed through Amsterdam. But can anyone comment about their "Coffee Shops"? Yays or Nays? Hahaha! I'm doing my first Contiki pretty soon and for some reason, I look forward to this the most. Do a lot of people go from the tour?

...... Try not to judge me... Haha

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  • 20 May 2011 ryan_m said


    Majority of the group will go to the coffee shops. My best suggestion just buy your OWN weed. Since I’m used to sharing spliffs and blunts with friends at home, “puff puff pass”. Its better to smoke your own there. Since ALOT of people will be sick, and probably have the Contiki cough. Also if you get the “special cakes/brownies” just have one. I had 2 in a span of 30 minutes, and took about 2 hours to kick in. And I was trippin balls.

    Lastly know your limit. I saw alot of people stoned on my group. I guess they had virgin lungs.

    Try not to judge me also. hahahaha

  • 21 May 2011 Tashi said


    oh my god ive been digging for advice on this you right it like a no no subject
    ok so heres what friends have told me budget about €10 for a really kewl time
    dont under any circumstances leave ith anything its illegal out of the shop
    dont even attempt to take pics of the menu and steer clear from funny names that sound good

  • 21 May 2011 Tashi said


    heres an article i found when i was digging for info

    All this said, visitors should know that coffeeshops do not sell alcohol. While they were never really known for being pub-like, some did used to sell beer. But in 2007, the Dutch laws changed and dictated that a shop may either sell alcohol or cannabis products.
    DO: Ask Questions About the Menu
    Every coffeeshop has a menu, either on tables, behind the bar or in a manned stall usually in a corner. Selections are typically divided into weed, hash, pre-rolled joints and sometimes “spacecakes” (sweet cakes baked with marijuana in them). Prices vary by quantity (grams, bags, individual joints) and quality.
    But don’t just point to a funny-sounding name like “White Widow” or “Bubblegum” and hope for the best. Ask the staff what they recommend and what effects each type has. They often ask something like “Well do you want to be high, or do you want to be stoned?” If you’re intimidated, don’t be — coffeeshop employees are friendly, knowledgeable and very accustomed to tourists who don’t know exactly how to go about the whole process.
    DON’T: Buy Too Much One of the biggest mistakes coffeeshop visitors make is buying too much of whatever they’ve chosen. A little goes a long way. Buy small quantities. For example, if you’re with a group of three, you don’t need to buy three bags and three joints all in one place. These cannabis products are likely much more intense than others you’ve tried; and if you’ve never tried them before, you should certainly start off slowly! People who over-buy end up wasting money, dumping leftovers in a trash can on the way to the airport.
    DO: Buy Something
    It’s perfectly fine to visit a coffeeshop and smoke weed, hash or a joint that you’ve already purchased somewhere else (which is another reason you shouldn’t feel compelled to buy at every shop). But it is considered rude not to at least buy a drink or snack if you do this. You’ll want to anyway, as coffeeshops are known for having some of the best coffee (go figure) and fresh juices in the city. Some nicer ones have delectable desserts and typical Dutch hapjes, or little bites popular at happy hour. DON’T: Underestimate the Effects Even if you’ve tried cannabis products in the past, you should still be warned that selections in Amsterdam coffeeshops are quite strong. If you’re brand-new to it all, educate yourself by asking the staff about effects and just ease in slowly. Pre-rolled joints are often rolled with tobacco to cut the strength of the weed or hash a bit; pure weed joints are sometimes available, but these aren’t the kind you smoke solo! A final word of warning: beware of the spacecake! Many people don’t understand that the effects of cannabis when eaten are much stronger than when smoked. The results — which many people describe as more of a “trip” — can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re in for.

  • 21 May 2011 EatPrayLove said


    I’ve just done a bit of research and noticed now magic mushrooms are banned in Amsterdam as of 2008!!!

  • 22 May 2011 p@rick said


    Well, I don’t do shrooms, so I can care less.. haha.. I don’t do any other drugs too. Just weed… Thanks for the article Tashi. That’s some good advice.

  • 16 Jun 2011 ryan_m said


    EatPrayLove, if your looking for magic mushrooms. They call it truffles. And its usually not on the menu. You just have to ask.

  • 21 Jun 2011 p@rick said


    Sweet! Thanks for the tip dude! Had to read your comment twice because I’m so pumped!
    Open question: What’s the rule about taking pictures inside a coffee shop? I personally, like to make my friends jealous over Twitter and you never want to forget a good time.

  • 21 Jun 2011 kristy said


    as for tripping and space cakes, what should i expect. i mean ive taken pills befor and experienced those kinda trips.. but are they anything different. yes i know it all depends on how strong they are aswell.. haha this feels like a confession post more than anything lol

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