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Anyone Going? Simply Italy 09 July - 21 July 2011

29 May 2011 Jedizzo asked


I just booked the Simply Italy trip for the dates mentioned and was wondering if anyone else was going. I'm from NY and this is my first Contiki/European tour.

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  • 1 Jun 2011 Simply Italia 2011 said


    Hey!!! Just booked the tour for a friend and I….the date is July 9-21 though?? I didn’t see any starting on the 10th :S
    P.s. this is also our first contiki as well!!! Sooooo excited

  • 1 Jun 2011 Jedizzo said


    Yeah, those dates seem right (I guess mine were off). Anyway, I booked the tour for me and my fiance’; she has been on a few Contiki tours before, but this is my first one. I’m excited. We’re both from New York, how about you and your friend, where are you two coming from?

  • 1 Jun 2011 Simply Italia 2011 said


    That’s exciting!!! We are both from Toronto but my friend will be meeting me in Rome since she leaves for Europe on the 20th of June. We are both excited and can’t wait. When do you guys land in Rome? Will you be extending your stay after the tour? We get to Italy on the 9th and don’t have to leave for Amsterdam till the 23. We’re just trying to figure out where we want to stay on the 21st and 22nd!
    by the way my name is Lucy and my friend is Maria?? What are you and your fiances’ names? Ages? Oh and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1 Jun 2011 Jedizzo said


    My name is John and my fiance’ is Katherine (27 and 26 respectively). If we do decide to stay longer after the tour, it won’t be for long (as I have to go back to work AUG 1) and we’ll probably head to some family I have in Greece or Italy. Since I bought round-trip tix though, we probably won’t be extending, but it doesn’t matter, as I’m still excited anyway!

  • 2 Jun 2011 Simply Italia 2011 said


    Greece would be amazing to do, but since you have relatives there i assume you have already been! We are excited to meet you both…what day do you guys get to Rome and will you be staying at the hotel provided by contiki if it is earlier?

  • 2 Jun 2011 Jedizzo said


    We should arrive in Rome on the 10th around 8 am, but I don’t think we are staying in a Contiki hotel. I’ve actually never been to Greece or Italy, I just know I have some family members there. I think. Whatever, I’m still excited anyway.

  • 17 Jun 2011 LeighAnneLinehan said


    Hey Lucy and John, my name’s Leigh Anne. It looks like we’re all going to be on the same tour! You both sounds like such go-getters; it’ll be a pleasure meeting you and your travel buddies! I don’t mean to be the late person to arrive at the party, but I’d love to get in on the conversation.
    I’m from Los Angeles, CA and will be doing the New York Explorer tour from the 4th-8th of July, then flying to Rome on Delta that gets me there at 8am on the 10th. Any chance, John, that you and your fiance booked the same flight?
    Can’t wait to meet you all! How exciting :).

  • 17 Jun 2011 Simply Italia 2011 said


    YAY!!! A new travel buddy…i LOVE it! I am super excited for the trip, i cannot wait!! I will be getting into Italy on the 9th as well and staying at the regent! Did you pick up a night there as well?? Do you plan to stay after? Can’t wait to meet you!

  • 18 Jun 2011 LaurieC524 said


    Hello! I am going on the London Paris and Rome tour July 9-18 and then staying in Italy until the 23rd. Planning to do a few more days in Rome and head to Florence and maybe Venice for a night (might be tight traveling there though timewise) I was looking for people on this tour simply for the dates that might match up with my extra time in Italy! I am Laurie, 27 from Baltimore, Maryland by the way :)

  • 19 Jun 2011 Simply Italia 2011 said


    Hey Laurie!! Our tour ends on the 23rd and my friend and I are staying in Rome till the 23rd. We have not booked our hotels for the last two nights but are thinking we will end up at the regent (which is the hotel contiki has us in while staying in rome). Do you have any set plans?? We were thinking going to Nettuno Beach on the 22nd. Just a good way to relax after a coupld weeks of on the go! By the way, I’m Lucy, 28, from Toronto, ON!

  • 20 Jun 2011 Explorer1251950 said


    Hey everyone! Im Nicole and Im really excited to be on the tour. Im in Italy right now just finishing off a summer school program which was so much fun. Myself and my friend Leanna will be in Rome from June 30th onward at the Ciak Hostel. If anyone wants to meet up before hand let me know. Silly question, what time are we supposed to head over to the Regent? Sorry I dont have any info here, its all at home in Vancouver. Cannot wait to meet everyone soon!

  • 20 Jun 2011 marianna_k said


    Hey! I’m Marianna, 28, from Toronto, ON, travelling with three other girls for this tour! I’ll be in London and Stockholm beforehand. Tour starts in two weeks!! Can’t wait to meet everyone :)

  • 20 Jun 2011 Simply Italia 2011 said


    Hey Nicole!!! Jealous that your already there :D
    I think we have our meet and greet at 4pm. My friend and I will be there from 3pm on the 9th so if you want to head over earlier we’ll be there!!
    Marianna…sooo excited to see another Torontonian :D When will you be arriving in Rome, are you and your friends staying after the tour at all?!?!? 18 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So just to get ideas…do we have partiers, sightseers, relaxers etc.????
    By the way….I’m Lucy, 28, from Toronto :D

  • 21 Jun 2011 marianna_k said


    Hey Lucy! It’s great to see more Torontonian’s on the tour! I arrive in Rome on July 10th. We’re not staying after the tour:(
    And yes I read somewhere we have our meet and greet at 4 pm.
    I would definitely say I’m all three! Partier, sightseer and relaxer!

  • 21 Jun 2011 LeighAnneLinehan said


    So from the looks of it we can estimate around 11 people on the tour, plus some who haven’t touched base yet. You all sound so interesting, like real world travelers jetting in from Stockholm and some jetting off to Amsterdam. I have a great feeling about this group!
    I have a question. Do any of you know if Contiki offers ride shares to and from the airport? I was meaning to call them tomorrow, so I can let you guys know if you’re having the same cares I am.
    Lucy, to answer your question: If I had to pick one of the three, I’m going to have to go with “sightseer”.
    So excited to meet you all; I might be the baby on the trip it looks like. I just celebrated my 22nd birthday yesterday!

  • 21 Jun 2011 Jedizzo said


    I believe Contiki offers a shuttle, but you had to book it with you trip. In any case, my fiance’ and I come into Rome around 0800 am on the tenth, so if you’re there, you can hop a ride with us. To everyone else, nice to meet you all, and I am uber-excited (this is my first real overseas trip, excluding my two tours in the armpit of the world, aka Iraq). I can’t wait to meet everyone and just have a good time. Ciao!

  • 21 Jun 2011 Jedizzo said


    P.S. – LeighAnne – Yes, you are the baby so far, and two, if you want, my fiance’ and I are from New York (she’s from Queens, I elsewhere), and if you want to meet up with us while you’re on your NY part of the tour, let us know. It would be cool to meet someone beforehand. Just post on the forum. Later

  • 22 Jun 2011 Explorer1251950 said


    Actually LeighAnne, Ive got you beat. Turning 22 on Sunday while Im in Sienna. And Lucy Im all three two but lean towards sightseeing.

  • 23 Jun 2011 Vee said


    Hi guys! I’m so excited I found this discussion. I barely booked the trip and it’s my first one EVER! I’m Vee (Virginia) and in from Ft. Worth, Texas. Woo hoo! I’m traveling solo and hoping to meet some awesome people. I am going to NY and leaving to Rome from there. Maybe I will see y’all there. :)
    -they do have transfers from the airport to the hotel and back. Just call Contiki and theycan add it onto your trip.

  • 26 Jun 2011 LeighAnneLinehan said


    Hey everyone, thanks for the advice with the shuttle. I called Contiki and booked myself on the airport-transfer list. Whew, that’s a good feeling :).

    Haha, Nichole you do have me beat, and in that case, Happy Birthday today!! I hope Sienna is a beautiful place to bring in your 22nd :). I’m sure!

    John, what a fantastic idea. The three of us will have the jump on everybody, haha. I would be flattered to meet you guys on your turf ;). Now, how to swing this? July 4th we have our welcome meeting at 7pm, then I take it we’ll all head out to the streets to see the fireworks by 9. It might be a little, should I say treacherous :), to commute into Manhattan if you guys are living in Queens. If you guys are in the city however, it might make for a pretty memorable first impression :). Let’s see, if that doesn’t work though, July 5th they have us running around the whole city… so maybe July 6th, a Wednesday? There’s a Central Park bike tour in the early afternoon, then I wanted to cross into some of the surrounding boroughs and check those out. I’m most interested in seeing Brooklyn! The rest of the day looks to be mine, so that sounds like the best day to offer a meet up. Also, there is a promising chance we could meet up at JFK (if you’re not flying out of LaGuardia). On the 9th, I’ll be there at 12-1 and my flight takes off at 4:55pm. How quirky would it be if we were on the same flight!? You just let me know which one, if any, work for the two of you. I love how everything’s working out; you gotta love New Yorkers ;).

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