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7 Sep 2007 steve said

hi everyone i was wondering if anyone has bungy jumped before and can tell me about their experience
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  • 7 Sep 2007 kazza25 said


    hi ho from a bungy jumper. when in queenstown one must jump whether you do thrillogy or one of two is your choice. i was lucky somewhat i was underweight to jump the nevis which is the highest in nz, honestly i was kind of glad not to jump. imagine your in the middle of a ravine, your taken out by a cable car to the hut, and jump into the ravine. honestly big jump so glad i didnt do it( and it was freaking cold and snowing on the bluff when we got there).

    The ledge bungy, unbelievable scenery, great thing is that your tied around your waist so you can run, jump, backflip or whatever off the ledge, you get the greatest motion of your whole body falling.

    K bridge the original and the best, your on a bridge in like a ravine situation, beneath youu is the kawarua river( check spelling). you are tied by your feet and jump delightfully towards the water with the option of being dunked in the river. picked up by a rubber dinghy and transported to dry land.

    Honestly the best experience you can ever do the first time your ****e scared but once adrenalin takes over your on a high. i was that excited after both jumps on ledge and K bridge i wanted to go again. unfortunately i didnt.

    the other good thing is you get a shirt, photos and dvd of your jump if you want. i still look at the photos and occasionally watch the dvd.

    do it at least once

  • 27 Feb 2008 dholdenfreak said


    hi there

    I did there bungy jump on the bridge last week in nz and it was fantastic!! you have to give it a whirl or otherwise you will regret it!

  • 29 May 2009 becky_psych09 said


    hi all,

    im going to do some bungy jumping and yeah going the whole hog and do the massive one into the ravine. sounds a bit freaky standing on a platform that is suspended by cables but why do the small stuff.

  • 16 Jun 2009 leafs (f)an said


    Do they give you enough time to do the three big jumps? Also, does anyone know the price? That way I can put aside some cash specifically for thrillogy.

  • 31 Jul 2009 Bon said


    could anyone tell me how much the photos and video tend to cost?

  • 3 Sep 2009 Shane_A said


    if you can afford it i recommend doing all 3, the problem is i think nevis is the first on the list so you get “thrown in the deep end” first up. also nevis takes a long time to get to from queenstown.

    i got the photo/movie pack for the canyon swing and it was like 40 bucks i think. kawarau river has a nice viewing platform where friends can take photos for you.

  • 8 Nov 2009 Kav said


    i did the thrillogy, canyon swing, and skydivig….

    and loved them all !!!

    what order you do them in all depends on what you wanna do, and available time… your tour manager will sort it out for you.

    for me…. i had the K Bridge first – which was fantastic, its the original, and quite scary too, as you’re falling towards a river… and also there is a bit of a crowd, and all your tour mates can see u too….

    did skydiving next…. which also was good… our takeoff was delayed for a few hours… as the weather was really bad…. but once we did jump off the plane, it was surreal… the view is just amazing….
    only thing is, its a totally different rush to bungy…. its not as heart-stopping-adrenaline-pumping…. but still quite good…

    Canyon Swing is run by a crazy lot. thats all i’m gonna say…. they’re freakin hilarious… you can do it in a few different ways…. i did it backwards… but you can do it running, handstand, they throw you off, a thing where they dangle you off the edge, and then you pull a rope which releases you….

    by far, NEVIS was the best…. its an awesome jump and feeling ….. its the scariest, but easily the best….. as others have said, its about 40 mins drive from Q’town (they take you there)… and have to go on a cable car to this pod in the middle of a canyon…. glass floor, and your heart is beating at a million miles….
    but once you do that jump….. its AMAZING….

    after nevis, we were all knackered, but still had the LEDGE jump on the same afternoon….. we were a bit over it by then, but its totally different to the other 2…. the view is of all of Q’town, and its right under the optional dinner restaurant…..
    i didnt like Ledge as all the others…. but each to their own….

    only reason i did it was, it was part of the thrillogy (and cheaper to do all 3 than to just do 2)…

    i spent a sh*t-load of money…. but its a once-in-a-lifetime thing… i know everyone keeps saying that…. but trust me…. you’ll regret it if you dont do it….. a few people on our tour did….

    do as much as you can in Q’town… its well worth it

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