Travelling/working alone

21 Feb 2009 Carissa said

Hi My name is Carissa,<BR> I'm writing this post from some advice and inspriation. I'm Currently looking at doing the european experince tour on may 18th which looks great But then afterwards thinking about working in the uk for 3months (till september which is when my working visa runs out n don't wanna regret not using it) going to oktoberfest, doing a tour of egypt and then heading back home... Aust... In theory this sounds great to me I love travelling and meeting new people but i'm a little scared that im going to get over there and hate it... i think the tour will be great but its the living by myself for 3months afterwards n missing everbody back home. I've set my goal for oktoberfest so i really don't wanna go home before it. I'll b leaving a good full time good my family and friends n most of all my parnter i will miss like crazy. <BR> So if someone could give me so tips/ideas/inspiration, tell me some of ur own experiences or even if ur planing to do something simialar urself would love to hear from u <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)--><BR>Thanx<BR>xxx



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