which European tour to take?

29 Jun 2011 Caitlin asked


Hey all.
I want to do one of the european tours in august... and I am after some advice on which one to take, from people who have already done them.
the ones im thinking about is road to athens, european experience and european whirl?
Suggestions/advice pleas?

  • 30 Jun 2011 Explorer1147179 said



    All those tours are good and I would recommend each one. What are you after though? They go to different areas. Are you after history, culture and art? Do you want a hot summery, mediterranean countries? Or do you want to see northern europe, ie Germany etc? Each of those tours differ in what you get out of them and what you see and do.

    There is a service on the home page where you can answer a few questions and then get a recommend tour. Have you tried that? Also, have a think about where you want to go. I can tell you know with the road to athens you’ll see a lot of sights, including from ancient rome and greece. Plus art, culture, etc. The others on the other hand will be very different.

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