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I'm new and have packing and travel questions..

30 Jun 2011 worldtraveler123 asked


Hi everyone. Im new to contiki. I just booked my 2 trips today!! Im excited, but have some questions. Im going on the Simply Italy 13 days in November, and Im not sure what the weather will be like and what I should pack or not pack. Any Advice? Im also going on the Berlin and Prague 10 days in December? Im not sure what I should pack clothing wise for there either.. Also, what are the opptional excursions like? are they worth it? do I have to pay ahead of time to participate? what are the trips like? how does the free time work into the itinerary? does everyone really drink as much at it seems on these trips??

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  • 1 Jul 2011 Kaity said


    November/ December in Europe is there winter so defiantly take lots of warm clothes :) I’m pretty sure that you pay for the optional tours once you are on the tour and that you give the money to the tour manger.
    I haven’t been on a Contiki tour yet (hopefully going on one soon) but I know that winters in Europe can get really cold :) However the up-side of going to Europe in the Winter season is that there will be way less people, so there will be hardly any long lines for the major attractions. :)
    Reading travel blogs are really good, so you can learn from other peoples mistakes. Have a awesome trip! :)

  • 4 Jul 2011 Explorer1147179 said


    In addition to what Kaity said, as I have been to many contiki tours :), and loved all of them:
    -The optional excursions are awesome and definitely worth it. You learn a lot and do a lot of different stuff.
    -At the start of the tour or a couple of days after the start the tour manager will talk about the optional excursions and give around a sheet saying what people want to do. Then, you choose what you want and pay accordingly. There is sometimes leeway as to when you want to pay but the tour manager generally wants payments at the start of the tour so that they can get it all organised.
    -Trips are awesome :)
    -Free time generally means you have the day to yourself (you generally get a day off every now and then, especially if you’re staying somewhere for more than a couple of days). You basically can choose to do whatever you want to do. Sometimes you can get dropped off somewhere with the rest of the group if it is organised that way, but then it is up to you (I remember in Paris on our day off we got dropped off at the Notre Dame at like 7.30am, and then were told we’d be picked up at 4.30pm to get ready for the night ahead). When I say then it is up to you I mean you have to find your way around the city yourself (you get given maps and shown how to get around), public transport ftw, and obviously food, shopping etc is all up to you.
    -It’s a bit of the luck of the draw with drinking etc. I found that with most tours there are some people that would drink heaps, but then there were others that would take it easy, still go out, but be hitting sleep earylish to be fresh for the next day’s sightseeing etc.
    Hope that helps :). Enjoy your holiday!

  • 27 Oct 2011 sunshine313 said


    I just did Simply Italy back in July and had an amazing time. The excursions are so worth it and we had an awesome tour manager and an amazing group!!! I had the time of my life everything was simply perfect and I did not want to go home. LOL My name is Reka by the way and this is my third Contiki look forward to meeting you! :) I will be there during my birthday so that’s even better. Let me know if you have any questions at all!!! :)))

  • 27 Oct 2011 sunshine313 said


    My Italy trip people did not drink that much which was good. I am not a huge drinker but on my Spanish Spree lot of people were drunk half the time so it wasn’t that great to hang out with some of them, but oh well the sights were worth it though!!

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