Grand Southern feb 2012- weather

10 Jul 2011 Bonnie85 asked


I'm looking at the grand southern ny-la in feb 2012. Just wondering what the weather is like and any suggestions for what clothing to pack? Cheers :)

  • 10 Jul 2011 nicole_groombridge said



    What date are you thinking, i’m booked in to leave NY on Feb 10th and can’t wait. Packing is going to be interesting though cause at that time of year you can expect NY to still be cold but the weather to be warming up as you head down south. I’m planning to pack both winter and summer stuff – but mostly things I can layer to make warmer if needed or wear on their own if the weather suits. :)

  • 11 Jul 2011 Bonnie85 said


    Hey Nicole!

    Yep that’s the date I’m looking at too! :) I’m just waiting on my friend to decide so booking in the next few weeks. I just wanna book so the count down can begin lol! Yeah that’s what I was thinking… I just don’t wanna overpack :-/ I’m so not good with the cold either haha. I’m so excited I’ve already bought my bag for the bus!!

  • 11 Jul 2011 nicole_groombridge said


    Oh yay! You should definiteLy book in. My friend Lisa and I have and the countdown has begun. Packing is not going to be fun – I’ll be traveling aroun the states and Canada for about a month ad a half before the tour in the absolute dead of winter so a couple thick jackets are going to be a must for me. Are you guys just doing the tour or thinking of some other travel too? Any plans to be in my early or stay in LA after the tour. I’ll be in NY from the 3rd and Lisa flies in on tge 6th . Unfortunately for me and mortal her she has to get back to work straight after the tour ends so I’ll be venturing LA without her. :)

    Find me on Facebook if you want –


  • 17 Jul 2011 Bonnie85 said


    Sorry Hun been flat out! Added you on facey :) yeah I’m thinking a week in NYC and two weeks in la so can head to San Fran n along the coast!! And tijuana for some tequila haha! :)

  • 8 Aug 2011 Kase said


    Hey Bonnie!! Im on this tour as well!! Cant wait going to be so much fun!! :)

    Well im on the Eastern Discovery tour so I start with you guys and finish in New Orleans then after that I head to LA.


  • 9 Aug 2011 Bonnie85 said


    Hey kase!!

    I’m so so pumped!! :) add me on fbk if u like. In on my phone so can’t post the link just search Bonnie Cooper.


  • 9 Aug 2011 Kase said


    Hey! added you :)

    talk to you soon!!


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