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6th August 2011?? European Inspirations

10 Jul 2011 Jasmine89 asked


Anyone attending the tour on the 6th of August??

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  • 21 Jul 2011 shardee said


    My name is Sharda and I’m coming from Toronto Canada – I’ll be on the tour with my best friend!
    We’re going to be in the UK visiting family from 1-4 before we make our way to the hotel.
    Quick question – do you know if the friday night (aug 5) accomodation is included? It mentions checking in to the hotel but it doesn’t have a bed icon thing – just wanna make sure because I think the tour doesn’t officially start until Saturday Aug 6 in the morning…

  • 21 Jul 2011 daniela said


    hey sharda, i’m daniela and i’m from toronto too. i just did this tour last month and had the time of my life. to answer your question, the first night in london is included.. i remember wondering the same thing. if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. otherwise, have a blast! :)

  • 22 Jul 2011 shardee said


    Thanks so much Daniela! I booked my package late so I haven’t received/read the contiki pack yet.
    Which optionals did you think were or were not worth it? I’m trying to debate what I want to spend my money on haha.. I would love to do them all but honestly I’m too scared to do the white water rafting and terrfied of heights so probably won’t do that log thing in Lucerne.
    What would you recommend for clothing? I have a LOT of summer dresses that I was thinking on wearing for the most part, and probably linen pants/capris for the church days as I’ve heard you aren’t allowed to show your knees?
    Is there anything you wish you did or did not bring with you? I’ve read through the whole thread on that question already (haha) but I’d love to hear your input considering you came off the exact tour so recently.
    Thank you again!

  • 25 Jul 2011 daniela said


    i did almost all of the optionals.. generally, if the rest of your group does them you just go along with it, bc no matter what you do, as long as you do it together, it’ll be fun.

    i’ll start with the ones i didn’t do. i didn’t do the volendam restaurant in amsterdam, since a couple of us decided we wanted to go around amsterdam on our own to try their famous pancakes, but the half of the group that did go said it was good. i also opted out of the venice walking tour because they told us that when in venice the best thing to do is wander the alleyways and get lost.. so thats what i did. my friends who went on the tour said it was just ok.. sounded like i had a better day than they did. i also didnt do the vatican tour, but that’s just because i’ve done it before. if you havent been to the vatican before, you should probably do it. everyone needs to see the sistine chapel at least once.

    as for the ones i did do, the only one i really wish i didnt do was the group photo. not everyone was in it and it was no better than some of the other ones we took with our own cameras. i did everything else and enjoyed them. white water rafting was a lot of fun, when they were “training” us before we went out on the water, i was a little scared.. but they worked it up to be a lot scarier than it really was. plus, out of the 51 of us, something like 48 people did it. you dont wanna miss out. going up mount pilatus in lucerne was one of my favourites. the view up there is just breathtaking, i couldve stayed up there forever. just do it.

    i brought a lot of summer dresses too. some for the day and some for going out at night. also two pairs of shorts, two skirts, and a lot of cute summery shirts. i also brought to pairs of jeans for those rainy days (ie london) and we had a bit of rain in munich too. bring a sweater that you can throw over your shirt in case its chilly. and yes, definitely bring something that covers your knees.. i wore a maxi dress for my day wandering rome. bring a few belts and scarves and other accessories so you can dress stuff up and make things look different if you end up wearing things more than once.

    i’ve been on two contikis so far and i got sick both times. bring cough drops and cough/cold tablets.. you’ll probably use them at some point. the contiki cough is not a myth.

    any other questions? i actually really enjoy answering them since it brings me back to the good old days on my tour.

  • 26 Jul 2011 shardee said


    thanks so much daniela! i really appreciate your answers.
    i’m really excited its only a week away now!
    at this point i’m worried about the weather – my friend that is going with me has a student that just came back from berlin and said it was like 10 degrees there – don’t think i wouldve been prepared for that haha.. i’m guessing like you said a pair of jeans and a sweater should suffice for cooler areas?
    would we need any sort of swim suit etc? i wouldn’t even KNOW what to wear on white water rafting if i even did that…ahaha..
    im going to load myself up on the cough and cold stuff – very likely i’ll have some antibiotics too because ive been sick this whole week and it isnt going away so i probably need to make a trip to the doc.
    if you don’t mind me asking – what did you budget for spending money, including the optionals? i’ve been really worried about this – a lot of forums and people have said 50 euros per travelling day and 100 euros per city day, plus whatever optionals.. and thats over 2000 euros…gulp haha
    any input would be appreciated!
    thanks again! xo

  • 27 Jul 2011 daniela said


    yeah, definitely bring at least a pair of jeans, a sweater or two and some closed-toe shoes. i brought one bikini, which was more than enough. i wore it for white water rafting (they provide you with a wetsuit and the rest of the equipment you need) and in florence we got upgraded to a hotel with a pool, so it came in handy then as well.

    spending money.. haha that was a bit of a different story for me. somehow i managed to get all my money stolen on the first day in london (the equivalent of about 2000 canadian), so this trip was a lot more expensive than i had originally planned. oh well, you live and you learn. i brought two credit cards and one debit card with me… and i ended up taking out about 1400 euro altogether, including the optionals (which was about 600 euro itself). i say go there with about 50-100 british pounds so you can get around town when you get to london, and no more than 500 euro to get you started when you cross over into the EU. there are plenty of opportunities to take out money in each city.. and that way you can avoid a mishap like mine.

    you are going to have the time of your life, i wish i could do it all over again. if you happen to have jonny as a tour manager or richie as a driver, say hi to them for me.

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