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Argentina & Brazil - 8th Feb 2012 Departure

15 Jul 2011 wheresshelly asked


Hoorah! Have just had my spot confirmed for my mate and I on this trip. Has anyone else booked this one or looking at going on this tour? Would love to hear from you!

My mate and I will be staying on in Brazil after the tour for Carnivale before heading over to Patagonia, then Bolivia to do a Salt Flats tour, up to La Paz, before heading over to Peru to visit the Amazon and Machu Picchu before coming home!

I'm 30, F and currently living in Arnhem Land in the NT and my mate is 32 from Melbourne.

Can't wait for the caipirinha's!!

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  • 27 Oct 2011 wheresshelly said


    Aww… I’m secretly hoping Contiki have a huge markup if they provide a Carnival package, then I won’t feel ripped for already organising mine hahaha.

    Was wondering if anyone has come across awesome unusual things in their trip research that aren’t really mentioned in the usual tourist guides. (For perspective, I often have a look at Australian travel guides, read through and think they’ve missed out half of the really cool stuff you can do.)
    I’ve come across a few things, but would love to hear any others people may have come across.
    So far I have:
    - Indigenous Women’s Wrestling in La Paz, Bolivia ( )
    - Peruvian Amazon Lodge that rehabilitates monkeys and they roam free and you can play with them!! (
    - Chocolate Museum in Cusco, Peru ( )
    - World’s Most Dangerous Road Mountain Bike Ride ( )
    - Giant Hand Statue in Atacama Desert, Chila (
    - Lollapalooza Music Festival in April 2012, Chile & Brazil ( )

    Count me in for a Melbourne meet-up, but I won’t be back down there until mid Jan. I was there last week however lol.

  • 7 Nov 2011 Explorer1315594 said


    Hey crew
    I’m a 22 yr old from Melbourne jumping on board this tour solo. If anyone is still looking for Carnival accom- I booked into Mango Tree hostel in a dorm for 6 nights after the tour. Had good reports from friends who stayed there last year. Leaving for the US in a few weeks. Looking forward to the tour and Carnival after!


  • 10 Nov 2011 Explorer1165025 said


    hi all,
    So looking forward to this trip I’m from Mildura Vic, will be travelling with 3 friends can’t wait and staying for Carnival after =)


  • 22 Nov 2011 wheresshelly said


    Hey guys,

    For those who are travelling SA after the tour, just to let you know that the lineup has just been announced for the Lollapalooza Festival in Santiago, Chile & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the end of March/beginning of April and later on in April for Rio.

    Lineup includes Foo Fighters, Bjork, Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, Thievery Corporation (!!), Joan Jett, Calvin Harris, Peaches (!!), Crystal Method (!!) and heaps of others I don’t know or care for.

    If I can get my flights changed, we’ll be there with bells on!

  • 23 Nov 2011 Ana Mathias said


    I hope you guys have a wonderful time in brazil. As a Brazilian I DONT recommend the favela tour, there is not so much to see. Rio Cenarium and Carioca da Gema are great places in lapa for samba. Ipanema beach is the best at post 9 9,5.

  • 5 Dec 2011 jimmys860 said


    As I was saying Contiki are doing a 5 night Carnival package which is available to book now.
    You can find the details here if you haven’t organised anything yet. Cheers

  • 9 Dec 2011 Tamara.Hageman said


    Hi everyone

    How exciting not long to go, I am coming on this tour with my boyfriends sisters after doing some volunteer work in Peru and will then be staying on a couple of days for carnivale.

    cant wait to meet everyone


  • 18 Dec 2011 Uli said


    Hi everyone!

    I’m also just confirmed on this tour;-)
    Have been travelling for 7 months (Asia, Africa, South America) and another almost 5 months to go. I’m from Germany.

    I’ll also stay for the carnaval in Rio, have booked my accomodation before the Contiki tour came out, I’m staying in a hostel in Leblon (Ocean Inn). The Contiki hotel is Ipanema Inn. So it’s great to hear that you guys are staying, we’ll have an awesome time on the tour and on carnaval;)

    Currently I’m in Columbia, have been to Peru and Bolivia in the last 2 months, so if you need any suggestions where to go, these were my highlights:

    if you like hiking/mountains/scenery:
    - Peru: Parque Huascaran, Machu Picchu, Colca Canyon
    - Bolivia: hike the Huyana Potosí mountain near La Paz (just above 6000m, almost 20,000ft)
    - take a trip to the jungle (e.g. Puerto Maldonado)

    if you like partying:
    - Cusco, Cusco, Cusco ;-) (the base for Machu Picchu anyways)

    The best trip I’ve done were 10 days in Bolivia:
    - Salar de Uyuni
    - the mines in Potosí (if you ever wanted to buy dynamite on a local market, there’s your chance;)
    - the Death Road (it’s actually safe, no worries)

    well South America is awesome, there is so much to experience.

    Cheers and Best Regards from the Carribean coast

  • 5 Jan 2012 NazHeight said


    Hi all
    Last minute decision for me, haven’t got my visa for Brazil through yet but am very excited. I’m 30, F and riding this one solo. Was lazy and booked the contiki for the carnival after as well…at this late stage I didn’t want to risk it! Hard to get fully excited as I have and exam on 6 Feb, fly out 07 Feb, get back on the 25th and back at uni on 27!!! Get in late on the first day so may not be able to do the intro drinks/dinner but will work something out. Looking forward to the best nearly 3 weeks ever…and of course meeting all you guys and girls.

  • 5 Jan 2012 wheresshelly said


    $&#%&@# Thanks for reminding me!! Ok 20 days to process it…should be right lol
    Found out where we’re staying in Rio…right on Ipanema Beach!

    Hey Uli… I’m looking at going to Puerto Maldonado….how did you get there? I can only find flights from Cuzco, was hoping there would be one from La Paz. Can’t waaait for Bolivia!!

    Ok time to download a Teach Yourself Spanish program haha.

  • 6 Jan 2012 Eddie G said

    Eddie G

    Hey Naz I just booked the contiki carnival too! I barely applied for my visa today and will be traveling out there with a friend.


  • 14 Jan 2012 Uli said


    Hi wheresshelly!

    All flights to Puerto Maldonado go via Cusco, even the ones to Lima have a quick stop in Cusco. So there is no flight from La Paz.
    Airlines flying are LAN, TACA, Star Peru. By the way, in Peru it is much cheaper to book a flight
    in a local travel agency than online. Except LAN, the Peruvian airlines don’t accept foreign credit cards.

    I’ve taken the bus from Cusco (overnight, 8 hours, very comfortable). They have built a new road, it’s not the old 3day on a truck tour anymore;)
    To get back I’ve flown with LAN. Nice jungle views from the plane:)


  • 16 Jan 2012 Cali Chris said

    Cali Chris

    Hi everyone,
    I’m Chris fom Los Angeles California am really excited to be a part of this tour, and just logged in to this site, barely realizing I can chat with people who booked on this tour as well. Looks like im really late to meet anyone, but if anyone still logs on HI there. Anyways just read some comments and noticed many people will stayin for Carnivale as well, which is what I planned too. Have a booked hotel called Royalty Barra Hotel. I have room for one extra person because my buddy couldn’t make it. As you now know I’m traveling alone too and Departing back for CALI after Carnival is over. My hotel is 8miles from where our tour ends. Anyways I hope perhaps someone would like to partner up them four days. Looking forward to meeting everyone, this will be my second tour with Contiki, as I went to Europe with them before and that was awesome!

  • 16 Jan 2012 Cali Chris said

    Cali Chris

    anyways hope to hear from ya’ll

  • 16 Jan 2012 @Krol_Souza said


    Come to Rio guys!

  • 18 Jan 2012 Shirls said


    Hi guys,

    I am Shirley from South Africa. I’m super excited about the trip. Can’t wait to meet everyone.I’m arriving late on the 8th as well so will probably only see everyone the folowing morning. Staying on for Carnival but still need to book accomodation for 4 nights. Can’t make up my mind if I want to stay close to the beach or in Lapa right in the middle of where everything is happening. Only have a few days left to make up my mind though.


  • 19 Jan 2012 Explorer1351111 said


    No, not booked, but that would be a lovely trip, have fun!

  • 23 Jan 2012 TravelBug79 said


    Hi, my trip is confirmed as well….hooray! I will be touring Uruguay solo before the tour starts and spending an extra night in Rio to experience carnival. Looking forward to meeting you guys :)
    Washington DC

  • 25 Jan 2012 wheresshelly said


    Hey guys,

    if anyone is going to be in BA early, my mate and I are arriving late on the 5th Feb, tackling jetlag on the 6th and then going to ferry over to Colonia on the 7th, stay the night, then come back on the 8th before the tour meeting that night.
    If anyone wants to come along, just let me know or get me on Facebook.

  • 26 Jan 2012 NazHeight said


    is anyone else arriving late on the 8th…if so, do you wanna meet up and track down where the rest of them are??? my flight arrives at 7.30pm so i’m not sure what time i’ll get to the hotel but am really keen to go and have a look around.

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