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HELP! Packing List crisis!

17 Jul 2011 Sarah43 asked


I am going to Spain, France and Italy July 28 to August 11, 2011!

As far as clothes go, how many shorts, skirts, dresses, pants, and night outfits should be packed?
How about footware: I'm guessing one pair of sandals, sneakers and night shoes are enough?
Are hats recommended? If so, any suggestions on a type of hat?
What about a hair dryer and flat iron?
Washing powder: should I bring some in case I want to wash something or is it not necessary?

What about a day bag? I was thinking about bringing a backpack with me on the bus and using it while I venture out on my trip. Should I keep the backpack on the bus and bring a smaller purse while I venture out?

Help! I only have 10 days left!


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  • 17 Jul 2011 jade89 said


    I haven’t BEEN yet but thought I would add my 2c worth anyway…

    I’m going on Europe Discovery in November. I plan to take 3 x day shirts, 2 x jeans, 1 (possibly 2) night shirts. I LIVE in jeans, and it will be cold… It will be a bit warmer for you so maybe 1 x skirt 1 x shorts? I plan to wash my clothes each night in the hand basin, hang out to dry overnight (hopefully they do dry…). That saves me taking too many clothes & having to carry around a hugely heavy suitcase, and also leaves more room for shopping! Sure, I’ll get bored with the clothes but really, who cares?!?!?
    So, 2 x pants, 3 x shirts, 1 x going out outift, jacket to wear on the bus.

    Shoes: Take a pair that you are comfortable to walk around in all day, and going out shoes. So yes, sneakers, sandals & going out shoes sounds like plenty.

    Hats: I would take a comfy hat, that stays on when it gets windy, and that you can scrunch up and fold flat etc…

    From what I have read, hair dryers in hotels are rubbish so I’m bringing my own little travel hairdryer. Where are you travelling from? be sure to check out the voltage conversion… You can always buy a hairdryer over there anyway. Straightener – how often do you use it? If you use it daily, bring it… if you can go without for 3 weeks, leave it!

    I will put washing powder into a clipseal bag, use a little for my nightly washes.

    Day bag: I plan to leave a small backpack onthe bus with things like snacks, water bottle , jacket etc in it, and I’ll take a smaller handbag OFF the bus with me – with my money… and… money I guess. The backpack is too much of a security risk regarding pickpocketers, and it also screams "hello, I’m a tourist, please steal from me!’.

    Stay calm, it’s Europe so there are plenty of shops, so if you do forget something important you can easily buy it :)

    Hope that helps… hope someone who has been comes along and helps :)

  • 26 Jul 2011 LuzCarmen3 said


    Thanks…. This has been very helpful as well. Its just what I was planning on doing since I like traveling light…

  • 27 Jul 2011 cdm115 said


    For the summer I would bring more then 3 shirts for daytime unless you’re really short on space. You’ll find your shirts will need to be washed everyday for the heat and sweating and stuff. Plus, on one night stops it’s sometimes impossible to do laundry (get in late to hotel and out early the next morning). I would bring more like 5 shirts. I would bring a mix of shorts/capris/light pants. Shorts aren’t really worn in europe like they are in other parts of the world, but you might want a pair, but you can’t wear them in many churches though.I would bring at least 2 pairs of bottoms. I would bring one skirt/pants for going out with 2 tops.

    You have a good plan for shoes – 1 daytime, 1 flip flop/thong and 1 going out.

    Definately bring washing soap.

    I always brought a backpack for the bus and then a smaller handbag for when I got off the bus.

  • 27 Jul 2011 LuzCarmen3 said


    Thanks,,, It has been very helpful and useful…

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