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Mediterranean Trail +3 day Greek Cruise 14 Sept 11

21 Jul 2011 Jase asked


Okay good people...
I am locked and loaded for the Mediterranean Trail + 3 day Greek Island Cruise kicking off in 14 Sept 2011 and finishing up on 26 Sept 2011...
Anyone else getting involved..... I have created a facebook Group (the link is below)!/groups/136494423101699

Feel free to join up and start talking up this trip... looking forward it big time!!!

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  • 30 Dec 2011 KT said


    Oh you will be fine! I have done 5 Contikis now (I’m a bit of a junkie) and the first 2 I travelled with my sissy. I was so nervous to do one by myself and it was awesome! My first one by myself was in Australia. You’re an Aussie right?? (Just clicked on your name haha) That automatically means your awesome so you will have no trouble doing it by yourself!! Unfortunately I don’t have any Contiki’s on the horizon for 2012 but I definitely have time before I’m 35! I want to do the Egypt one (my friend did it and she LOVED it!) and the Scandinavia one (I have another Contiki friend that did that one and she also loved it! Her photos were amazing). I would love to take Contiki to South America but the prices are outrageous. Must because they are new tours – similar to their Asian tours just too much money!! GAP is much cheaper in South America and they seem to have more on the agenda!! Anyways I’m rambling now! Happy New Year!! T-minus 5 months for you :)

  • 30 Dec 2011 KT said


    One more thing I forgot to mention – you will have a roomie assigned to you. The Europe tours are like that. The NZ and OZ tours rotate a sign up sheet around the bus. I think it’s because those tours are 4 room share?? Not too sure – only thing I could think of! Anyways they give you both a key so it’s great! I’m sure if you had issues with your roomie you can ask your tour manager for a switch! Your tour manager will probably be aussie or kiwi so they will be awesome!! :)

  • 2 Jan 2012 lou_85 said


    5? Wow! That’s quite a lot!. And yes I am Aussie – I think once I get rid of these nerves I’ll be right!. There are heaps of tours I wanted to do as well but this one and my 2 others work for me for now (can’t believe its this year now!). South America would be great! I’ve always wanted to go to Machu Picchu ever since seeing it on tv about 10 years ago. Yeah, I know I’m getting a roomie – I’d rather have one the whole trip than have to sign up with different people each night! And at least you (hopefully) get used to the one person for the whole time. But thank goodness we both get a key – I’m so glad, cos then I won’t have to wait for the other person or vice versa. When did you do your first trip?. Happy New Year to you too!!

  • 3 Jan 2012 Explorer1341802 said


    Would I prefer unending pain and torment? No. What I’d prefer is nothing, absolutely nothing after death, because heaven seems like unending pain and torment.

  • 16 Jan 2012 KT said


    Yes you will be fine!! I’m sure it’s all excitement nerves :) What are your other tours again?? I’m sure your roomie will be great! I had no issues with my roomies when I did my contiki by myself. Can you imagine if you only had one key haha wow that would be intense! I did my my first contiki in Sept 2007 – first day of tour was my birthday and it was a great way to meet everyone! My tour manager roasted me on the bus (played this hilarious song about being old – I turned 23 at the time) and my driver told everyone to buy me a beer that night. That’s how I met my first Aussie friends which brought me to oz two years later! Thank goodness for facebook – never had it until I met them and kept in touch :) Met some of my best friends on contiki – ah you will have so much fun!!! I wish I was going on tour with you!! :)

  • 16 Jan 2012 lou_85 said


    I think it is – it keeps growing every day that my depature date gets closer!. I’m doing LA to the Bay before this one and Great Britain and Ireland after. With some breaks inbetween. I know – I’m sure they will be, just my nerves again!. ha ha – we had two birthday boys on my trip, one early in and one towards the end, it really was a good way to get to know everyone!. Of course the Aussie’s would of been in there buying you a drink, it’s great how you keep in contact with them still, I do as well even now I’m in a different state to them. Not long for me now, this time in 5 months I’ll be half way thru my trip!!

  • 1 Feb 2012 KT said


    Ah I love it!! All you Aussies go big when you travel it’s so awesome! Oo LA to the Bay looks awesome! It does some great highlights of the states!! Is it your first time to the US?? Do you go to Vegas?? I haven’t done much of the states myself – I’ve been to Disney Land and NYC (and many, many ski trips in New Hampshire) I also drove through a few states when I moved across Canada last June. Not a bad country but I certainly prefer the great white north! People are nicer up here haha Wow you are doing the UK too?! Do you go to all of Ireland?! How exciting!! You will also love those countries especially Ireland. Make sure to kiss the blarney stone :) What are you doing on your breaks?? Lots of down time?! haha I got 2 beer bought for me by 3 people and they were all Aussie haha imagine that! That’s nice you keep in contact with your travel friends too! Thankfully domestic flights are great prices in Aussie so it’s not hard to vissie them every once in awhile :) Yes!! You will be on holidays in no time now :)

  • 5 Feb 2012 lou_85 said


    It’s because we’re so far away from everywhere and its a loooooooong flight (to get anywhere) so we wanna get it right!. It is my first time to the US, we do go to Vegas – I’m so excited, after seeing it on tv and in movies for ever so it’ll be good to see the reality of it!. I’m not sure about all of Ireland but the main bits anyways, hopefully I’ll get to go back to explore it a bit more in depth at some stage. I know – along with all of the other people – I wonder if they wipe it after each person kisses it!!!. My first break is in NYC and Niagara Falls then my other break is in Salzburg, I’m a HUGE sound of music fan, am staying at the home/castle where the movie was filmed. Yeah, I haven’t been to see them in a while cos I’m saving for this trip, am going in a couple of weeks now tho. Everything is so close, this time in 3 months and 2 days I’ll be starting this trip!!! :)

  • 14 Apr 2012 KT said


    Wow I didn’t write back! What ‘s the countdown now??!! ahh you’ll have to write when you get back from Vegas (and the rest of your trips!!) and let me know how Vegas is! I go this summer :) You will love Ireland – its gorgeous!! The people are so friendly too. I was in Dublin for a few days and only heard Irish accents 3 times. Not many Irish people in the city! I think they take you to the Guinness Brewery too (which is awesome) haha not too sure if they wipe the blarney stone. My sissy and I made out ok so fingers crossed you won’t get some random face disease hahaha omggg you are staying in the home/castle where the sound of music was filmed!!! That is AMAZING!! Are you doing the sound of music tour too?? I feel like they have a bus and everything. I’m so excited for you!! I just booked a last minute trip to Jamaica for my friends wedding! I leave in 6 days!!! I have to pack! I’ll let you know how it is :)

  • 22 Apr 2012 lou_85 said


    Never mind! Um, like 16 days I think! At the moment I’m the Grand Canyon, Vegas is tomorrow!. I’m not really into Guinness but because I’ll be in Ireland I’ll try it. I’ll try Guinness only because I’ll be in Ireland – not really a fan of it I cannot wait… it’s like a life long dream come true :) Yes, just a half day tour. That’s excellent – you’re probably there right now so I hope you’re having a great time!! :)

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