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New To Contiki Need Help !!!!

26 Jul 2011 Beck1986 asked


Hey Guys,
Just new to contiki, planning to travel april next year, and just hoping to get some tips, im stuck on the desicion of travel card or just taking the euro with me, and im worried im not going to pack enough or im going to pack too much. i know i have plenty of time to sort this out i think i need som peice of mind and opinions of others that have done it or are going to do it too.
anywho, thanks Beck

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  • 26 Jul 2011 KC said


    hi Beck – definitely go the travel card route – so much easier. There are stacks of ATMs all over the place. We took a bit of cash too just for starters.
    Don’t pack too much as you have to carry your bag up stairs sometimes :(
    Not sure what trip you’re doing, but I did the Euro Encounter last month & LOVED it! So well organised!

    You’re welcome to check out my “Euro Encounter: Questions and Answers and Tips” site as I’ve listed a few generic tips that you may find helpful. Also look at the “What do you wish you’d known” site as there are thousands of responses there.

  • 27 Jul 2011 Kaity said


    I’m going to be in Europe next April, hopefully planning on going on a Contiki late April :) What trip are you planning on doing? I’m looking at the 46 day ‘Big Chill’ tour :) I’m planning on taking a ANZ travel card and as a back up I’ll take my credit card :) People I know who have been to Europe say don’t carry to much cash on you, in case you get pick pocketed. I’m also going to take a back pack and I an hoping to pack very light since you can always buy stuff over there :)
    Do you have face book? There is a group going for people going to Europe next year, if you type into the search bar ‘European Contiki June/July 212’ you should find it :) Lots of people have joined who aren’t going in June/ July (like me) and are going all through the year and it is a really good group so far!

  • 27 Jul 2011 Beck1986 said


    Hi, yeah im doin, the londoon to rome 16 day concept although i cant actually book it untill september:( so not sure on dates and stuff just yet. but planning to have about 5 days either side of the tour to do my own thing… and yeah i will have a look on facebook. and thanks KC i did hav a look at that thred about “what you wish you had known” and there are so many little things that u dont think of. About that pick pocketing, thats all i have heard too, my family get onto that subject that much im getting very worried im gunna end up with padlocks and chains

  • 27 Jul 2011 AdrianP said


    i just got back from euro experience and i can tell you that you are much more likely to lose your wallet or purse after a night of drinking than you are from thieves (perhaps i know from first hand experience). your tour manager will let you know when you should pay closer attention to your belongings (under the eiffel tower, in pisa, walking through the red light district) but don’t feel as though you need to be paranoid as most europeaners are actually pretty friendly and helpful (except in italy).

    like someone else mentioned there are atm’s all over europe and the travel card seemed to work well for most people. our tour manager would often point out where the nearest atm’s were and when to take out extra money because we’d be going to places where there were few or no atm’s. something to keep in mind is that your tour manager will also likely collect money for all of your optionals up front within the first couple of days. they’ll give you 2 forms of all the optionals and you’ll check which one’s you want to do. you’ll keep one copy as a kind of receipt of what you signed up for and give the other copy to your tour manager who will put the information into some sort of spreadsheet. if you don’t have all the money up front it’s not a huge deal but it does make life much easier for everyone.

    you also always want to make sure you have spare money on you for cabs. the busses are monitored by computers and cannot be driven past certain times so unless you want to go back to your accomodations at 10 o’clock you’ll be using public transport to get home : )

  • 18 Aug 2011 Msdevine19 said


    Question on the travel cards: I understNd you can use them at the atm’s but is there a fee to take out money?

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