Spending money for Asian Adventure?

27 Jul 2011 Dani asked


Hi, just trying to work out a budget for the Asian Adventure and I'd love to hear from people that have done the trip already: Approximately how much spending money did you end up needing? Thanks!!

  • 1 Aug 2011 ryan_m said


    Hi there Dani,
    When it comes to spending money for the Asian Adventure tour. I took along with me $800 US. It was more then enough cash. I dont know what kind of debit card you have. But I was able to withdraw money from the ATM machines. Also you can use US dollars in Cambodia. But the exchange rate is in a bit in their favour. As for the Laotian Kip. Make sure you go to the money exchanger in the airport before you leave for Cambodia. Apparently they dont exchange Kip in any parts of the world, or keep it as a souvenir

    Hope this helps :D

  • 3 Aug 2011 Dani said


    Very helpful – thanks so much! That’s actually a bit less than what I was budgeting for which is great :) Thanks for the tips on currencies too!



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