Lots of driving? Enough time for optionals/free time?

23 Jun 2006 Gargantuan asked

Hi there,<BR><BR>I was curious to know, especially from those who have been on this tour, about a few things:<BR><BR>-About how much driving do you do each day?<BR><BR>-How much "free time" do you it mostly hop off the bus, take pictures, back on the bus, or can you actually go for a little walk/hike&nbsp;at Tongarirro, for example?<BR><BR>-Is there time to do all/most of the listed optional activities, or do you end up having to choose and miss out on some very cool things (i.e., fun yaks&nbsp;vs canyon swing)&nbsp;?<BR><BR>-Were there many cancellations/overbookings/missed opportunities?<BR><BR>It seems some options are very popular, and I've read that some get cancelled due to the weather.&nbsp;My biggest concern&nbsp;about this tour is that you seem to be doing a lot of driving on the bus, with little time to actually explore the surrounding beauty (aside from the optionals), &nbsp;and that missing out on the awesome&nbsp;optional activities would, how do you say,&nbsp;"suck ass." <BR><BR>I'm booked for this November and about to pay out---I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance before I shell out the cash...<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your responses,<BR><BR>P.



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