Egypt Tours

7 Aug 2011 Juzzyc asked


Has anyone done one? Are they like a typical Contiki tour, where its a big party tour, with some culture thrown in, or is it mainly focused on seeing the country with the occasional party night?

Thanks heaps

  • 7 Aug 2011 Explorer1245339 said


    I just came back from the Egypt & Nile tour and it was amazing (8/6/11). It is much more of a cultural/sightseeing tour then a party tour. The accommodations were much more high-end. Out of all of the Contiki tours that I have been on it was the most luxurious one (sometimes I felt like I was in a rapper’s music video, because we went on a chartered plane, private boat, over-night sleeper train, camel, horse/carriage ride, small ship, and really nice coach buses). We concentrated on the sights vs. partying (except on the boat). It is a Muslim country (80%) so clubbing isn’t even an option there (especially for women).

  • 8 Aug 2011 Miss Michigan said

    Miss Michigan


    when do you plan on going?



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