30 Jan 2007 oz_josh said

Whats a typical contiki night like? i.e sitting aroung in a common room talking or at a bar drinking? whats our usual bed times?
  • 30 Jan 2007 ptooma said


    Bedtime … ha !!!! how true

    On my Spain tour, there was one buncha girls who never seemed to sleep … coming back from the clubs for breakfast and still catching the morning tours. Spanish clubs doen’t seem to fill up till 1 am and beyond.

    More than 1/2 our group went swimming in the Mediterranean at 2 am in Nice.

    - Vic

  • 31 Jan 2007 Bridget001 said


    I went on a contiki tour twice. It really depends on what you want. Some people in the group go out every night. Others prefer to have a good night sleep. You have the freedom to choose for yourself. Some days are more exhausting. So you might not wanna go out every night.
    hopes this helps…

  • 20 Mar 2007 oz_josh said


    thanks guys and gals…. sonme great advice!! it’s set to be an awsome trip! cant wait. cheers

  • 20 Mar 2007 travelgirrl said


    oh boy, get ready. contikiers are wild! sleeping is definitely overrated on these trips—-usually after dinner travelers will go up to their rooms, rest up, shower, then get decked out to hit a night on the town! this is the great thing about contiki trips: even if you are traveling solo, you will always have someone to go out and party with if you should desire. but those of you who are more homebody-ish, no worries. if you want to go to bed, you can do that too. although i highly recommend checking out the local nightlife—-after all, you’re on vacation!

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