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European Whirl 17 Sept 2012

25 Aug 2011 harrojnr88 asked


I know its a little early for this one, but figured the earlier the better to start finding out who else will be on this one!

This will be my first Contiki, as well my first travel alone, and its a big one! So just hoping to meet some people who will also be on it.

Also, if anyone will be staying in London after the tour finishes, whether short or long term as once I finish this tour, ill be getting settled and working in London for up to 2 years. So anyone else staying around there and keen to do alot of travelling around Europe would be good to meet too.

As im doing this all Solo (cant be bothered to wait for mates to get organised), Im doing alot of reading on here to get an idea on what the hell im doing. haha.

Hope to talk to you all soon!

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  • 29 Aug 2011 katurah said


    I am consdering going in the european whirl tour sometime in september. I haven’t booked anything yet.
    I plan on staying in London after the tour for at least a couple of months, hopefully do a bit of work and travel around europe a little bit. See the places I missed out on during the tour or re visit some favourites.
    I am travelling solo and was hoping I could make some mates on the tour who were going to london afterwards also, as I know a lot of people do.

  • 29 Aug 2011 harrojnr88 said



    Well I officially booked and paid my deposit for mine yesterday, so I guess mines set for the 17th of Sept 2012 now. :)
    Yea thats my plan too, im doing the tour then I have set myself 3 weeks to do whatever I want around London/Europe and yea there are a couple of places I know that we will miss or not get the time to do so I am looking to do some of that too.

    Yea I was hoping to find some other people that were stay and not just doing the tour… as much as im looking forward to it.. still a little nervous about the whole, thousands of miles from anyone I know… and doing it alone.

    Probably should have put this in my original post. haha. But my names Will. :)

  • 1 Sep 2011 katurah said


    Hi Will,
    I am Katurah! :)

    That sounds definitely like the kinda thing I want to do!

    Yes, I am nervous also but hopefully once I am there I’ll feel better! I am definitely hoping to meet some people before I leave.

  • 1 Sep 2011 harrojnr88 said


    Katurah… nice name.. what nationality is that?

    Well you should do the tour in the 17th. haha so I will know someone before i go. :)

    Feel free to add me on Facebook or something.

    Yea Im thinking the excitement of it all and knowing that alot of people are doing it alone will be enough to get me over that, and then ill meet people by then.

  • 1 Sep 2011 katurah said


    Thankyou. I am Australian and so are all my realtives. I am not really sure what nationality it is but I know it’s not very common. Whenever I type it into google. It says ‘showing results for keturah, instead of katurah’ as it must think that’s what I meant!

    It would be great to go then! I am still deciding, though. So many tours although I am pretty sure I’m going with the whirl. Dates still to be decided, but september sounds good.

  • 1 Sep 2011 harrojnr88 said


    Thats awesome so you parents just gave you a really unique name.. Mines only one step behind John for being original. haha.

    Yea it took me quite a while to decide but that one was the right amount of time and right amount of money. Not sure if id want to spend more then the 3 weeks. Cuz wanting to do abit of my own travel after. And 6 weeks total is more than enough time for me to spend all my money. haha.

    Well ill be in london to live after my tour, so even if you dont come on the same tour, can keep in contact and maybe join in on the rest of europe travels after it. :)

  • 2 Sep 2011 katurah said


    Oh, but Will is a lovely name. It’s my brothers! My parents were orginal with me and then just couldn’t be bothered for hom! haha.

    Yes, the whirl is a good length/price. I am thinking of going on the whirl but I don’t think I can do 17th Sept, due to a wedding.

    But, yeah we may catch up… see what happens. Isn’t it great that people are so open to making friends with people just because of contiki? it’s fantastic!


  • 2 Sep 2011 harrojnr88 said


    haha well yea will is up there with the better of the original boys names… im not complaining. :) haha the novelty wore off after the first child then huh? haha.

    Ah well thats cool as you said you will be around london after so can maybe plan some sweet explores after that. And swap crazy contiki stories! haha.

    Yea I love this whole forum thing, it makes the planning and everything a whole lot easier, knowing other people are out there having no idea to and doing it alone just going with it. I think abit of fear of not knowing anyone opens people up to be abit more friendly and out there to meet people. its a good challenge. :)

  • 4 Sep 2011 katurah said


    Absolutely! Still no definite plans as of yet, but it would be great to catch up.

    It’s a shame no one that is going on the tour for sure has turned up- but it may just be a little early.

    Are you planning on writing/ keeping a travel diary, either online or old school pen and paper?
    I really want to and know I would regret it if I didn’t.


  • 4 Sep 2011 harrojnr88 said


    Indeed, Im sure will be looking for someone to travel with all the time over there so im sure if we are over at the same time there will be plenty of chances to.

    Yea I thought it would be a little early, especially considering the prices dont come out till, well should be soon, but ive already got mine, so people should start coming in.

    Yes! definitely a travel diary! I would love to do a classical one with writing… however I am left handed and is a given that my writing is terrible, almost unreadable.. and thats when im on a desk, let alone on a bus… haha so im thinking ill do one online/word… on a netbook or something. Then can create a proper book after and add photos, much like a scrap book and just put all my writing around the page… And I am a software developer so typing come more natural to me then writing anyway. haha.

    So what do you do for a work/study?


  • 5 Sep 2011 Michael said


    Shame you guys aren’t doing the Easy Rider Sept 1st 2012 and Im going it solo too

  • 5 Sep 2011 katurah said


    I am left handed too! Although I like to think my writing is quite nice! :) That scrapbook idea sounds good and doing it online means that you will always have a back-up if you regularly e-mail it somewhere.

    I study Media and Communications with a major in Journalism and a minor in Sociology. I also do two extra ‘breadth’ subjects- Principles Of Marketing and Urban Environment Development which are designed to be in a different field to what you are doing your bachelor in so you get to do a wide variety of subjects.

    As you can imagine, this means I am a very busy bee! Not much time to work and earn money- which sucks!

    You mentioned you were a software developer- what exactly does that entail, other than developing software, of course!


    P.S Michael, what/ where is Easy Rider? And yes, it is a shame!

  • 5 Sep 2011 harrojnr88 said


    haha really? well I think its more of the combination of LH + Male… its destined to fail. Yea exactly… so ill prob email to myself every chance i get so as not to lose it all.

    Wow that is ALOT of work… At one stage I was working full time and doing a Bachelor of Computer Studies outside of that but I decided id prefer to go Overseas for a couple of years… yea I can imagine that wouldnt leave you too much time to make money… so how do u manage to save for Europe?? thats impressive. haha.

    Well I work for an Insurance company, so basically i write the code for the programs that all the departments use. So every click they take, how the software reacts, what the computer does. Also retrieving all the data that the program needs to do calculations or display, eg to calculate a premium or display a customers name. All of that. Then once its done i then have to test it, write up what i did, how i did it, etc. and lots and lots of meetings! haha like design meetings, project meetings on where we are at, and meetings with the business for clarification on what exactly they want..

    Easy rider is a camping one isnt it michael? So Michael will you be staying in London after your tour? Ill still be doing some solo travel after all over europe if your keen mate?

  • 5 Sep 2011 katurah said


    LH + Male… its destined to fail. Haha, that rhymed! You’re a poet and you didn’t know it! (Or you are a poet and are aware of it!)

    Saving is hard! Luckily I was a very good saver throughout my childhod/ teens, even when I didn’t have a job. I have a job at a bar which is good as it is at night. I thought it meant I wouldn’t be able to go out with friends as much, but they just come to where I work so we can still hang out (the free drinks may have something to do with it! shhh…!.)

    That sounds super complicated. I have never really thought about the fact that just clicking on a button or filling in a form would require so much work, but they don’t do it on their own! So you know binary or whatever it is called?

    I couldn’t imagine going on a camping tour! A few days MIGHT be ok, but there is no way I could survive a month! It might be just me being girly, but, just nooooo. What about you, are you into camping?

    Katurah :)

  • 5 Sep 2011 Michael said


    I’ve decided im go on a concept tour and am doing the European Contrast Sept 4th 2012, it works out better for me. The camping tour sounded good to begin with but with a lot of thought and converstion with my travel agent I’ve decided to opt for a bit more comfortability.
    I may only be in London for a few days after but would love to share contiki stories over a few drinks if anyone is up for it then :)

  • 5 Sep 2011 harrojnr88 said


    hahaha it did too! Didnt even realise. haha.

    It is.. I used to waste SOOO much money but once I had the idea and was set on going to Europe.. i manage to save a hell of alot. its funny how you can manage to find all the money once u are set on it. Yea i did promo work at clubs for awhile on the weekends and it wasnt too bad at all.. couldnt imagine doing a bar job tho… haha oh NO it wouldnt be the free drinks… its the chance to spend time in what im sure is your fantastic company… like good friends right? haha. What bar do u work at…

    haha well it is till your taught it… yea its insane how much work goes into it. because you have to cater for every possibility. But hey someone has to do it.. and well they pay me well to do it.. so i wont complain. :) haha im impressed u know some terminology! well i know limited Binary, but thats whats called Machine code, thats what the computer converts modern code into.. to run. but most people code in code that is using english words. so its not so insane.

    hahahaha… Ahh girly girl huh… Well yea i grew up in North Qld, so we did camping abit… but I would much prefer the hostel/hotel/backpackers approach… not sure if i would enjoy the whole tent up and down every night type thing… thats valuable sightseeing/drinking time! :)

    Yea mate, sounds good to me, depending if our dates match up and there is time sounds good to me.. im sure there will be plenty of stories to tell! haha

  • 5 Sep 2011 katurah said


    You didn’t realise, so I’m guessing you’re not a poet!

    It’s good to have a goal! I went through a ‘spending’ phase but luckily it didn’t last very long. I am definitely not tight, but I make sensible decisions with my money. You’re always going to need it, hey?

    It’s absolutely not the free drinks, they just enjoy my company, like you said! Whenever my manager is around i’ll just say something like “that’ll be $8.70, thanks” and that’s their cue to fumble around in their bag/wallet until he’s gone. Sneaky buggers, we are!

    I guess the place I work at isn’t really a bar, more a pub. It has a fairly relaxed, friendly feel. Definitely not a fluoro-lights, loud music club for 20-somethings.

    Haha, I wouldn’t say I’m an extreme girly girl, but I do like things to be clean. I’m not obbsessed with hair and make-up all the time but I do like to look nice. I do some modelling occassionally so I need to look my best! lol :)

    I grew up in regional NSW, near the river. So I did do a bit of camping but only a couple of days at a time!
    North QLD, I don’t think I could stand the humidity! And before you ask, It’s not because my hair will go frizzy! I’m just so used to dry heat, as that’s what it was like growing up. I live in Melbourne atm, so heat at all is becoming a distant memory!

    Michael, definitely good idea to go concept! As Will said, more time to sightsee! (I also think he may have mentioned drinking, but i’m sure you’re not into that! lol) It would be great if you 2/us could catch up. Sorry to sound like a broken record but I still am unsure of my plans.

    Katurah :)

  • 5 Sep 2011 harrojnr88 said


    Haha no unfortunately im not…

    Yea cant argue with that.. well mine lasted awhile.. like a year.. but its sweet now.

    Your a nice friend! Id totally do the same thing too for friends if i could… well i did when i used to work at a bottle shop… Gave some mates some sweet discounts… Ah cool, yea those places I could probably deal with working at.. not sure how id go with an insane club thats hectic with stupidly drunk people.

    So a classy girl… thats good tho. Not a fan of the rough as girl thats more man than what I am.. haha and also on the other side, cant really stand the “over the top” girly girl that cant do anything fun. I did see that on your profile… and if i may say so, you pretty well at it. haha.

    Yea true true, we only ever did a couple of days.. so not sure how id go with the extended time all camping.. :S hahahaha a love it how u clarified that just to make sure.. haha. Yea the heat was pretty bad up there..but when i didnt know anything else it didnt matter.. just went with it. I love Melb…. ive always thought when i come back thats where i think i want to be! Such an awesome city… and everyone is so stylish and the atmosphere there is awesome.


  • 5 Sep 2011 katurah said


    What did you splurge on during your phase? Or was it just lots little un necessary items? That’s what it was for me. Mainly clothes… ( clothes are necessary of course,what with the police and their whole indecent exposure laws, another cute top is not necessary when you already have heaps, is what I mean!)

    When I was a teenager my boyfriend worked at Coles and when I or any of our mates bought stuff, he would just put it through as carrots on the register! Don’t know how it worked out with inventory and stuff! lol

    Oh, thankyou! I didn’t realise all those pics were up! I just kept changing my profile picture and didn’t realise they stayed up! Do you think I should remove them? I look like a bit of a poser with 6 photos of myself on my profile!

    Nice tatts,btw! Do they mean anything special? I have been thinking about getting a tattoo but am too scared!

    I really like Melbourne, but Sydney is beautiful! Soo expensive to live there, though!

  • 5 Sep 2011 harrojnr88 said


    Well at one stage… a car. haha. I live really close to the city, and no need for a car and was managing with out one, then went and got a WRX, burnt alot of money with that… and yea just going out all the time and spending like $150+ per night. Not good for those savings.. or the head the day after! hahahaha i know how rude of them to impose those kinds of laws!! However in some cases im glad it is…

    yea I used to put through a carton of beer as like a 6 pack… $20 for a carton of coronas, not bad..

    haha well I didnt mind looking at them so im sure most other people wont.. its good to get an idea on who you are talking to anyways.. so i vote to leave it.

    How did u see them/which ones did u see? haha didnt think i had any on here? Oh yea they all certainly do to me…alot. I have them mostly in places that no one ever sees, as there for me not anyone else. But not sure which one/s u have seen so dont know which one to explain. haha. Even the tribal one does (although most people assume it doesnt, but i have shut down many drunk smart asses when they ask out of sarcasm). All I could suggest is if you get one, think long and hard about design, and what it means to you. It took me about a year to decide on designs for mine..

    Mmm not a fan of sydney… first time i was there, was not even in the damn city for 3 hours… and was in a bank hold up. As in the full movie style, everyone on the floor, break in the teller… Bank holdup. So not really liking the place. haha. Im in Melbourne in december actually.. Nana’s 80th birthday… :)

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