Grand Explorer 26th Jan 2012

26 Aug 2011 kel_89 asked


hey im thinking about going on the grand explorer starting in auckland ending in christchurch
i was gonna get into NZ a few days earlier and get comfortable with my surroundings and hoping to meet some people before i begin so if anyone is interested in catching up before hand give us a message


  • 28 Aug 2011 Sophie said


    go on the 2nd of jan!

  • 11 Sep 2011 Amymoo said


    Hey kel_89
    I’m going to book on the grand explorer in Jan but I was thinking of doing one a bit earlier as my birthday is in january and I’d like to be in new zealand for it. I cant wait, this is probably gonna be my last big trip before I settle down and try to act like an adult. Not quite ready

  • 12 Sep 2011 Sophie said


    GO ON THE 2ND!

  • 12 Sep 2011 Amymoo said


    Are you getting a commission Sophie? I’d love to come on the 2nd but can’t leave the uk before the 1st. Can’t you switch to a later one

  • 12 Sep 2011 kel_89 said


    yeah sorry sophie cant go on the 2nd got a festival on down south for that weekend
    amymoo, i think i have been thinking of changing to an earlier tour was thinking the 14th?

  • 12 Sep 2011 Amymoo said


    The 14th was the one I was thinking of. It’ll give me time to get the shop settled after Christmas and I’ll be there for my 29th birthday, yeah I know how am I gonna fit my Zimmer frame and support tights in my luggage? I wish I was there now for the rugby but I’m so excited about going. Im looking at flights and who can decide between a 27 hour one and a 33 hour one. Please let there be good in-flight movies

  • 13 Sep 2011 Sophie said


    haha no amymoo, just really want to find someone from my tour :)

  • 15 Sep 2011 Mego22 said


    I booked the Grand explorer Auckland – Christchrist… starting on Jan 6th…. However i did the same thing i booked a flight for the 3rd so i Have a day or so to get comfortable with my surroundings. Hope to meet others that are doing the same tour!



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