Laptop and wifi

4 Sep 2011 Mandy asked


Hey guys

I'm wondering if it is worth it or just a hassle if I were to take my laptop with me? I am thinking about doing the trip through Spain - Spanish Spree. What is the wifi situation in Spain and for that matter on the bus? Thinking about whether I should buy an ipad and take that instead? Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated :-)

  • 4 Sep 2011 harrojnr88 said


    I’m interested in past travellers answer on this too! I was thinking of buying a netbook tho not iPad(possibly abit more protected?). As I was thinking of doing a travel diary on it… as my writing is terrible. haha

  • 7 Sep 2011 sjupton said


    I’m too wondering what the wifi options are like, will just take my iphone but don’t want to be using with my Aussie connection, too expensive.

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