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Egypt - how much money to take??!!

11 Dec 2007 monty02 asked

guys<BR><BR>anyone out there have any advice on how much spending money to take on this tour?<BR><BR>leaving on 27 dec so any advice greatly appreciated!
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  • 12 Dec 2007 Mikul said


    How long will you be in Egypt?

  • 13 Dec 2007 hamjamjr said


    Yeah i was wondering that to, i am there for 12 days i arrive 2 days early and leave the day after.

  • 15 Dec 2007 monty02 said


    hey guys

    will be there for 7 day tour plus a couple of extra days.

    i was thinking something around 500US?

  • 31 Dec 2008 OzeK8 said


    I’ll be in Eygpt for 9 days and was also wondering how much US I should take?? Please help??

  • 18 Aug 2009 Casey said


    Dont completely rely on this but i was planning to take 100Euros per day and my travel agent/contiki told me more like 40euro as we get alot more moeny for our dollar, lonely planet 2009 book has a small guide in the front cover i found quite helpful: (fingers crossed im reading this right!)
    $1 Euro will equal around $8.13 Egypt Pounds.
    $1USD will equal around $5.46 egypt pounds.
    $1UK = $10.70EGP
    $1NZ/AUD = around $4.5EGP

    Budget Accommodation roughly $120 egypt pounds, midrange between 120 & 600 EGP, High would be over 600EGP.
    Budget meal under 15egp = $1.80euro. midrange meal $15-$75EGP & top end over $75EGP So about $10euro for a very nice top end meal.
    A bottle of water will be around $3EGP (about 40c euro)
    1L petrol = $5EGP (65c euro)
    1 Stella = $6EGP = (around 75c euro)
    Street Snack $2EGP (25c euro)
    Souvineer Tee = $40 EGP = $5EGP

    So everythings dirt cheap! Ive been told you can get half an hour taxi rides that convert back to being around $1 however i havent been yet and cannot be 100% certain about this info but its what im going by my my trip in a month. Im budgeting 40Euro a day + excursions and foods covered so its pure spending!

  • 25 Aug 2009 cdm115 said


    I think 100 euros a day for egypt is high. Keep in mind that for this tour there are quite a few meals included, including lunches on the cruise. For your other meals budget $10, that’s what we paid for almost all of our non-included meals when I did the tour in 2007.

    You’re biggest expense will be the optionals for this tour.

    Most of your tipping is included in the tour or the fee that you pay at the beginning. The rest of your expenses will be drinking and souveneirs. Souveneirs can be cheap at the markets. Perfume, papyrus, and egyptian cotton are you’re likely big souveneir expenses.

  • 26 Aug 2009 Casey said


    thanks for that, I wasnt budgeting for being scammed but Im quite glad i read into your experiences and will try and do my best to avoid it but sounds like its sort of hit or miss depending on if they choose to scam me or the poor fella behind me- fingers crossed Eeker<!--graemlin::eek:--> . As for taxis i shouldnt need one except for the last day but im taking 40 euros per day PLUS enough USD for all the excursions and i’ll have my credit card and anthing left over from my europe tour, i think that should be heaps? should this cover it?

    I expected the cruise ship to be the least likely place to be scammed and would have let my guard down but will be very aware of it now thanks a million Wink<!--graemlin:;)--> Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 26 Aug 2009 Jeremy said


    I just got back from Egypt and Jordan and have some advice for money, after excursions of course [which have extreme mark up too].

    All prices would be in Egyptian Pounds


    At a tourist restaurant food will cost up to 50 pounds after service fees and tax which is easily 25%, more if you get a coke or juice which can run 5-10 pounds.

    At a local restaurant food can run up to 20-25 pounds at some of the more nicer establishments, with drinks and tip.

    At a street vendor a massive amount of food can be under 10 pounds without drink. I got 4 huge stuffed pitas with falafel and mousaka from a street vendor for 8 pounds [less than $2 US].


    When you barter, they will first ask you for a price that is 10x higher. Immediately start back with a price that is 10% of the start. They will NOT sell for a loss, and if you start too low they will just tell you to go away. This is true to even the people selling drinks at the major sites. I got a bottle of water from a girl who was selling them for 5 pounds for 2 pounds after bartering and walking away, she chased me down. One example, one tout was selling stone canopic jar sets. I bought a set of 4 for about 87 pounds. He originally asked for 900 pounds.


    Around Cairo and major cities taxis should not cost more than 15-20 pounds unless you are going pretty far. From the airport in Cairo do not pay more than 45 pounds plus tip although they ask 80 and will be upset when you say 45. You’ll find one for 45. The horse carriages in Luxor will quote up to 75 but you can easily get up the Corniche to Karnak Temple for 10 pounds if you are insistent.

    If you can read and say the numbers in Arabic people may be inclined to give you a better deal when you are persistent, but not by much. Some taxi drivers do NOT speak English so it is good to have a pad of paper. Just ask “bi-kam” to find out how much something is, and if you don’t know the words use the pad of paper for them to write it on.

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