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Grand Adventurer November 19th (CHR-AUCK)

16 Sep 2011 Kim asked


Hi, just wondering if anyone else is going on this tour?

It's the 13 day Grand Adventurer leaving from Christchurch on the 19th November and ending in Auckland on the 1st December.

I just booked it in yesterday!! :)

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  • 23 Sep 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    I am!!! I am so excited! 57 days to go! Where you coming from…are you getting in a day early?

  • 25 Sep 2011 Kim said


    Hi Jim.Jamz, finally someone else!! :D I’m Kim from Melbourne… I saw from your profile your from the West! That’s cool as! I’ve never been to Western Australia but would love too! You from Perth? :) I am getting in a day early… how about you?

  • 25 Sep 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    Hey Kim…my name is James and yes I am from Perth!!! I am coming with two of my friends (Jaspreet and Temi)…coz we all wanted to celebrate finishing uni at the same time. We are getting in a day early…are you staying at the Beasley hotel??? What time you getting into Christchurch…I think our flight touches down at 1PM…we are going via Sydney :p

  • 30 Sep 2011 Kim said


    Hi James,
    YES I am staying at the Beasley the night before which i’m guessing since you mentioned it you will be staying there too? I’ll be arriving at 3.15pm I think… around 3pm anyway so a couple hours after you guys. Congrats on finishing Uni!! :D I finished last year actually!! But i dont start my job til next year so filling in my time with this tour. What did you guys study?

  • 30 Sep 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    Yay…We so sud do dinner or something together when you arrive…I am a K-7 Teacher and Jaz and Temi will be engineers so its really exciting!!!

  • 30 Sep 2011 Becci said


    Hey just thought I’d join… Already know Kim (or have spoken) but noticed this convo and I am also on this tour, or at least the first part ~(south island) so thought i’d say Hi!

  • 1 Oct 2011 Kim said


    Hey Becci glad to see you joined the conversation!! :D And James yes we should do dinner on the first night! I think we have some sort of tour meeting the night before where we should be able to meet up and then go out! Is that right? Did either of you guys read about that? Plenty of time to work it out anyway…. although wish there wasn’t as much (lol)…. so excited, cant wait!! Oh and James.. have you worked out any of the optionals your planning on doing?? :)

  • 1 Oct 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    Hey Hey!!! Well it takes 30 min to get from airport to hotel apparently :p So i am guessing u prob b at the hotel by 4:30. I know we should be getting to the hotel around 2:30PM…our travel agent is waiting for our tickets to come before she calls us to pick them up and she keeps raving about the tour she just went on…can’t wait! I did read about that meeting…well was researching the hotel and apparently its an alehouse as well so they could do good grub but we will have to wait and see :) haven’t really planned what optional i want to do yet…i know i def want to go zorbing and in queenstown i am keen to bungy :p apart from those 2 optionals i have no idea…haha…its all very exciting:) You planned anything? I just can’t wait….sooooo excited now…i should be getting all the documentation in about 2 weeks time…yay! I already want to start packing…kinda sucks that we are going through Sydney…we were gonna go through Melb but it ended up more expensive plus the fare was on sale from Qantas…haha!

  • 1 Oct 2011 Becci said


    Kim did you say there’s like a group meeting the night before? … I haven’t seen anything (prob on the tickets tho). I am meeting up with a guy who is on the tour the week before so he’ll be able to tell me places to go, stuff to do hopefully!

  • 2 Oct 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    48 Days to go….get excited!!!!

  • 2 Oct 2011 Becci said


    lol loving the enthusiasm James. can’t wait!!

  • 6 Oct 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    Yay…our travel arent called us today to let me know our tickets were ready to be picked up…went and picked them up and looked at all the stuff inside…i am getting more excited as the time frasa closer…today marks exactly 6 weeks til we step on our plan to chc!!! Hope every1 gets their stuff soon!

  • 9 Oct 2011 Kim said


    About 40 days to go guys!! :D Can’t wait for my travel documents to arrive…. what do you get James?? Anything interesting? Also question for both of you…. how are you taking your baggage? According to this contikipedia article:
    … we can’t take expandable suitcases which is annoying cause that’s all i’ve got and don’t really want to buy another. Just wondered how you guys were packing your stuff? :)

  • 9 Oct 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    Hey Kim…apparently been reading other forums…they reckon its ok to take an expandable on the tours that arent in Europe so we are fine…and apparently they aren’t strict with it :) So my guess is just not to expand it until you have to…besides i don’t think you prob need to when we first get there…maybe on the way home after all that shopping :p In the document folder its got your actual ticket to get onto the coach
    (dun want to lose those), itinerary, list of hotels we are staying at (which are so beautiful…did a bit of research on them), info abt nz, a calling card, contiki bag tags and other bits and bobs…so excited!!! We here in the west are one count day ahead of you coz we have to leave one day earlier than you guys to get to the east for a morning flight…haha

  • 10 Oct 2011 Becci said


    Oh I can’t wait now!! Sorry I haven’t responded for a couple of days i’ve been in Egypt with work. I dunno if we actually get tickets over here or whether we just get edocs. – are the hotels really nice? – I’ve been badgering the girl at Contiki like mad but she said they weren’t released yet. I’ve just got a soft bag for the tour as I’m leaving some stuff with the family in Sydney (should be ok?) I can’t wait! (sucks I’m a day behind tho – longer to wait lol)…

  • 10 Oct 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    Well becci I will post the links for all the south island hotels for you that way you can have a peep at wat is in store for us!!!

    Hope this gives you a fair idea where we will be staying!!! You are on the same flight as Kim right from Melb? Body clocks are all going to go out the window…when me, jaz n temi arrive in NZ at 1:30PM its gonna be 8:30AM in PER, Western Aus and we will feel like eating breakie…haha

  • 11 Oct 2011 Kim said


    Yay Yay Yay!! I just a got a call from the travel agent to say all my Contiki and Flight travel documents are in!! :D Can’t wait to pick them up!! Can’t believe the difference in time from Perth to New Zealand… guess I was taking for granted the 2 hour difference between Melbourne and Christchurch! Your flighing Qantas right James? Lets hope their union troubles are over by next month!! haha

  • 11 Oct 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    Yes I am travelling with Qantas…lil worried at the moment…but worse comes to worse…i will just be getting a very late flight from sydney to christchurch…kinda regretting not taking air nz now…haha! You guys are arriving at 3:15ish aren’t you…hmmmm…will have to ask Jaz n Temi if they want to stick around and wait…then we can try to catch shuttle bus/taxi to hotel…i can prob say we will end up eating lunch at the airport coz they only serve breakie on our flight syd-chc

  • 11 Oct 2011 Becci said


    Ta for the links James they look good!
    Yeah me and Kim are on the same flight from Melbourne
    Oh i’m so jealous!! I haven’t got my docs yet :(. I’m ringing the woman tomorrow i’ve decided!
    Oh I’d forgotten u’ve got a big time difference – that’ll be fun! I think I’ve got about a week between when I land in Sydney from the UK and my first flight so should be ok hopefully. I’m so excited!!!

  • 13 Oct 2011 Jim.Jamz said


    Officially 5 weeks til I step on that plane to SYD then onto CHC!!!! I am a tad too excited now…just hoping Qantas will sort out those issues…if Qantas doesn’t I will have to rebook :(

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