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Thai Island Hopper West November 30th

16 Sep 2011 Explorer1292683 asked


Anyone doing the Thai Island Hopper West November 30th? I just booked it and it will be my first time going on any kind of tour vacation.

If not going to that one does anyone have any feedback on past Thai Island Hopper West trips?


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  • 17 Sep 2011 Explorer1292767 said


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  • 20 Sep 2011 Chi-Go-Mera said


    Hey Nick…I am from Chicago and about 80% ready to book this trip. I am researching a little more but the time and place looks amazing! I have never traveled with Contiki or to Thailand. I am a solo 27 year old female and like the idea of a group. I try to do one big trip a year and this one looks like it will be the one!

  • 20 Sep 2011 Explorer1292683 said


    Hey Meredith,

    You should def do it. It sounds like we are in the same boat. I usually do 1 big trip a year but am on my own this year so am trying out the tour thing and will be solo as well. I’m 29 and have been living in LA for about a year but am from Jersey originally.

    I don’t know anyone that has traveled with Contiki but everyone I know that went to Thailand loved it so I am pretty psyched to go.

  • 25 Sep 2011 Maggie said


    Hey you guys did either of you book and confirm this tour? im booked since august for the 30 nov departure but have been searching for ages for anyone going on this date…… im 24 solo traveller from Ireland!

  • 25 Sep 2011 Explorer1292683 said


    Hey Maggie,

    Yep, I am booked for this one. It’s nice to meet someone I will be traveling with!

  • 26 Sep 2011 Maggie said


    Thats great Nick, its not too far away now cant wait!!

  • 20 Oct 2011 Ben W said

    Ben W

    Hey all,

    I’m pretty confident I’ll be booking on this trip. I’m also looking at staying on for another week in Phuket once the tour ends, maybe do some other trips to Thailand.

    When are you all thinking of arriving?

  • 20 Oct 2011 Ben W said

    Ben W

    Sorry forgot to mention, I’m Ben from Sydney, Australia. Previously did Contiki tours through Europe and USA. They are awesome fun and you will never forget it!

  • 21 Oct 2011 Maggie said


    Hi Ben. Nice to meet you! i am raging i didnt book for a few extra days after the tour im flying straight on to cairns to do the east coast tour which finishes in sydney. Iv never done a contiki before but am doing two back to back. Cannot wait now counting down the days. nervous but so excited! Are you travelling on your own too?

  • 24 Oct 2011 Ben W said

    Ben W

    Hi Maggie, nice meeting you too!

    Yes I’m planning to travel on my own! May have a friend join me after contiki ends though.

    You guys have facebook? I’ll make a page for this tour.

  • 24 Oct 2011 Ben W said

    Ben W

    Booked on the tour fully now:

    For those interested here’s the FB group:!/groups/302330386459215/

  • 31 Oct 2011 Jo said


    Hey everyone! Nice to meet you all :) I could be joining you on this tour! I’m a 23 year old female from South Africa… I’ll be traveling solo too. I’m looking forward to possibly meeting you guys in person… It will be awesome!

  • 31 Oct 2011 Maggie said


    It will Jo. Thankfully there are plenty of people travelling solo. I received all my tickets just on friday… Countdown is on!!!

  • 2 Nov 2011 Ben W said

    Ben W

    Gday Jo!

    Good to see you’re on the trip too, looking forward to it, less than a month away now.

  • 2 Nov 2011 Jo said


    Maggie :) – solo people won’t be solo for too long. I’ve never done contiki before either so I’m in the same boat as you. It would be great to meet people from all over the world! When are you getting there?

    Gday Ben! – I’m probably going to be there the night before the tour, and then one night after? Wish I could stay longer though! It’s great that you can stay afterwards… When are you thinking of arriving? Looking forward to possibly meeting you – heard you Australians are a friendly lot and fun to hang out with :)

    Over and out! xxx

  • 3 Nov 2011 scubasteve said


    just booked today! thinking of staying a few days after tour and going to bangkok before going home. anyone else doing the same? and anyone from brissie booked their flights? what’s the best airline to travel?

  • 3 Nov 2011 Jo said


    Hey steve! Welcome :) you traveling with mates, or solo?

  • 3 Nov 2011 Maggie said


    Exactly Jo thats a fair point meeting friends for life. I am arriving the day before the tour too my flight arrives in early on the morning of the 29th. Are you staying in the Centara? Im staying for before and after your tour? i couldnt get the pre-night added on as they had their allocation sold and it was very expensive as i wasnt getting the discounted contiki rate. am staying in hotel literally around the corner. Maybe we can meet up that day hit the beach or have a look around etc? im a bit anxious about spending the day alone in a strange place ha!

    Steve hopefully all the floods etc will be well cleared up by the time our tour ends and you will get to see bangkok beore you head home. i am travelling onwards to Oz with etihad Airways so check them out they would be a good airline…. Looking forward to meeting you :)

    Also Ben accept me on your FB group!!!! :P :) or add me back my e-mail is
    thanks :))

  • 3 Nov 2011 scubasteve said


    Hey guys, yeah I’m traveling solo:) I think I’ll get there a day before. I’ve only booked the tour so I’d better organise flights + pre and post accom today!! I wasnt aware it was fully booked! Also in regards to the floods, the person I booked with said “The south of Thailand is A-OK! Hasn’t been affected at all! Contrary to what the media says, even the main touristy areas of Bangkok are still pretty much fine”.. so fingers crossed!

  • 4 Nov 2011 Ben W said

    Ben W

    Hey Steve,

    Where you from mate? If you’re looking for a good website to book flights, can’t beat skyscanner, google that.

    I’ll be arriving on the 27th, spending a few days on Chalong Bay and heading to Patong on the 30th to check in. So I can definitley meet prior to the start of the tour.

    I’ll be staying on an extra 10 days as well. Definitley seeing all that Phuket has to offer!

    We shouldn’t be troubled at all by the floods, only if you plan to stay in Bangkok before the tour starts.

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