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18 Sep 2011 Baxter asked



My name is Sean, and I'm from sunny Cape Town, South Africa. I'm interested in spending about 6 months in Europe; mid year 2012. However, I am looking for other like minded people to travel with, share the experiance

I'm keen on doing the Ultimate European Trip (45 days) including the Egypt trip. I'm also keen on heading anywhere else, and I'm totally open to suggestion.

Anybody out there? :)

  • 4 Oct 2011 harrojnr88 said


    Hey mate, Ill be in Europe, based in London from Sept 17 for about 18months… So id be keen to organise some other travelling after my contiki too. Im doing it all solo.

    just a suggestion, if your going over in June/July… add this group if you have FB.!/home.php?sk=group_191726294207557

    Its a group of about 150 people now, all heading over around the same time… June-September and some are staying over there like me, Steph Ball (the creator), its also got some really good ideas and thoughts.

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