Grocery stores by Royal National?

15 Jun 2007 Amanda asked

Just wondering if there are any grocery stores or 711 type stores nearby
  • 15 Jun 2007 ptooma said


    Darn, I wish I knew about that 24 HR Tesco!! I spent 20 quid in 2005 for a skimpy chicken breast w/ 1 tiny slice of tomato, a little lettuce leaf and a few sticks of chips at 3 am. I could have had a lobster dinner w/ wine in N. America for that price !!!

    - Vic

  • 15 Jun 2007 aroundthe said


    There’s a Tesco? I don’t remember seeing that. There is also a grocery store/market on the same side of the street as Royal Notional if you walk out the main doors and turn left.Like a 2 minute walk. I dont remember it being too expensive. Bought some pop and snack food the night before my tour left.

  • 15 Jun 2007 Gryphon said


    A year ago, there were lots of shops near by the RN, there were a row of eateries and shops as you walked towards the Tube station, and I even remember a Singaporean/Malaysian food restaurant, although prices were about quadruple what I would normally pay back home. Also, if you walk all the way down to the end of the street, there’s a McDonald’s somewhere in that area, from my recollection.

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