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1 Jun 2006 Luvena said

<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ccffff" color=#0000ff>Hey ya'll !<BR><BR>I know this sounds like a simple question, but hear me out. I'm going on a 21-day camping tour next week. I'm not sure if it's neccessary to take a cellphone with or not.<BR><BR>I'm not really keen on taking it, coz I don't wanna be bothered with it while on holiday and be worrying about where it is .But my friends and family are trying to convince me to take it in case of emergency or if they need to contact me...<BR><BR>Right, now getting to the point :-) Can anyone&nbsp;advise me if it's neccessary to take it with or not plz. If yes, why?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Luvena</FONT>
  • 2 Jun 2005 ptooma said


    I think you’ve already answered your own question – you are reluctant to bring your phone.

    If folks at home need to contact u, there’s email at every city.

    Get a ?10 Euro Union calling card in Europe to call home for 10 cents/min. Good to make calls from any EU country – and has toll free numbe and no connection fee. Find them in cigar shops, internet cafes, magazine shops, etc.

    One person lost her cell on the tour was was not a happy camper.

    Travel light !!

    - Vic

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