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Virgin Blue vs. JetStar??

25 Jun 2006 asked

I was wondering if a few Australians could provide me with some advice.&nbsp;&nbsp;I am in the process of booking my flights within Australia, as I leave in two weeks.&nbsp; I was just wondering between Virgin Blue and Jetstar, which is the better airline?&nbsp; Should I lean more towards one than the other?&nbsp; There are a few times when they offer the EXACT same price and similar times so I am not sure which one to use.&nbsp; Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheers!<BR>Tracy
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  • 26 Jun 2005 aussie tan said


    i couldn’t agree more having travelled with both airlines i found Virgin Blue to be the far better option in almost every sense. hope u enjoy ur trip downunder :-)

  • 26 Jun 2005 Charltz said


    Hi, I would reccommend virgin blue. Most flights with virgin are generally cheaper and more convenint .  Have fun  Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 5 Jul 2005 Cat1984 said


    Go Virgin Blue.

    They are better however Jetstar sometimes come out with $1 flights (that’s right no spelling mistake there!!) so it can be cheaper to fly Jetstar.

    Also depends where you are going from and to. Flight between Melb and Sydney is about an hour, from Melb to Queensland about 2.

    Oh and if going from WA to VIC consider the train!!! its fun you sleep in it, meals are given and although more expensive you don’t need to deal with airports.

    BE WARNEED…… airport security within Australia is very tight. Do not even think of carrying any drugs (or taking a bag that has previously had drugs in it). DECLARE everything when you enter the country. Pack your own suitcase, if in doubt declare anyway. You will get caught, you will get fined, you may need an internal search (if they suspect drugs), and you may get arrested or sent back on the next flight out!!

    Sniffer dogs sniff all the bags and any suspicions will cause a few hour delay. Know why you are entering the country, how you paid for it, how long you are staying, if you know anyone in the country. Also helps if you have a contiki document wallet in your hand.

    However, if you have nothing to declare and nothing to hide… customs doesn’t take that long.

    Oh and ps…. don’t forget to drink coffee through a Tim Tam when you are here!!!


  • 8 Jul 2005 Cat1984 said


    Jetstar is introducing allocated seating soon its on the new Jetstar commercial

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