Great Britain Questions

18 Mar 2008 desdemona said

Ok, I am heading on my first trip to Great Britain in May. <BR><BR>There is so much information on here I feel like my head is spinning and am gathering lots of information, but it is hard to focus.<BR><BR>I have a few quesitons:<BR><BR>1. On this trip in particular, I am going to take a larger rolling suitcase for the majority of my items.<BR><BR>But I am confused becuase I am reading that on tours, you should take a backpack or something that is mobile for when going to the different countries--Are we going to hotels first and can drop off our stuff or do we have to take our smaller bags on our day tours when we get off the bus? In that case, I need to buy a backpack. <BR><BR>Also, can i take a purse and a day bag? <BR><BR>2. Do people usually ship their souveniers home instead of packing them?? Do you pay taxes on your items in GB?? <BR><BR>3. What happens when going through customs?<BR><BR>4. HAs anyone been to GB in May? What is the weather like?, What is the most important lesson you learned? And what is the best piece of advice you can offer?<BR><BR>THANKS!!!!



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