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Eastern Road

16 Jan 2011 Explorer1193366 said

I did Eastern Road in July 2010 and had an AMAZING time. If anyone has any questions about the tour I would be happy to answer any!
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  • 20 Jan 2011 ChrisSoll48 said


    Hi Explorer. So glad to see this post because I am planning to book the trip for August. This will be my 3rd contiki but I have some questions about the eastern road –

    1) What was the weather like when you went? Was it mostly the same across all cities?
    2) Any optionals you didn’t like/ don’t recommend?
    3) How many hours was the longest bus ride?
    4) Did most people on the trip end in Warsaw or Berlin? What did everyone do after the trip (stay in the city, continue to other travels, go home)?
    5) Anything you wish you packed but forgot?
    6) How was your TM?
    7) Favorite city?
    8) Was the concentration camp upsetting to see? Did everyone on the trip go or is their an option to sit out?
    9) How would you rank the hotels?
    10) How did you get to the hotel in Berlin from the airport?

    Thanks for your help!

  • 24 Jan 2011 Explorer1193366 said


    Hi Chris

    I will try and answer all your questions as best as I can

    * Because I travelled in July the weather was quite hot especially during the days. Shorts and a T shirt is fine during the day and Jeans and a shirt at night is good. It was a bit cooler in Krakow and Warsaw in the evening.

    * I did all the optionals except for the salt mines tour as I was sick. The Berlin walking tour was great and it was quite cheap. The eye spy tour wasn’t a very in depth walking tour, it went for maybe an hour but it was fun as it starts in the evening after dinner – the guide then took us to a local Hookah bar where a free drink was included.

    The traditional Czech evening was great! Really worth the money, the food was great and they had live traditional music. It was also a good way to start the night as it included some alcohol.

    We only had about 8 people out of our group that went to the Vienna classical concert optional extra. If I was to do it again, I probably wouldn’t pay 68 Euro for it only because I would have rather spent the night just exploring the streets of Vienna as time is so limited.

    The river cruise in Budapest was fantastic!! I have to say this was the highlight of my trip,it went for about three hours. The food was great, it was an all you can eat buffet style dinner and they included a couple of bottles of wine per table. It was an awesome opportunity to see Budapest at night. Afterwards they dropped us at a local club as well.

    * Everyone in my group ended the tour in Warsaw, a lot of people did continue travelling.

    * Our tour manager was okay, we didn’t love her…she was in her late 30’s I’d say. She insisted we don’t talk to her before she had her morning coffee and sometimes she made our tour bus feel like a school bus instead because of all her annoying rules. But it didn’t ruin my experience, I just made the most of it.

    * The concentration camp was upsetting, it did affect a lot of us, but it is an experience I wouldn’t miss. No one chose to sit out, the tour went for about three hours. It was quite intense and a lot of us didn’t go out the night before, as we didn’t want to be walking around the camp hungover (out of respect)

    * The hotels were good, I would say most of them were three stars from an Australian standard. The hotel in Berlin was not as flash as the rest. The best hotel was in Warsaw and it was literally across the road from the Warsaw airport so it made things really easy in terms of departing/connecting flights once the tour ended.

    * Also, I would def do the prague pub crawl that is advertised everywhere around the city. They take you to five bars and it’s a great opportunity to explore the city at night, we had about 50 people in ours. Beware of the cab drivers in Prague though – they do try and ripp you off, but your TM will probably tell you that.

    * Oh and beware of the Contiki cough! Everyone on our tour was sick at some point as it such an intense trip.

    You’ll love the tour it was one of the best experiences of my life. Let me know if you need any more questions answered closer to the date.

    Happy travels! :-)

  • 15 Feb 2011 YASMIN said


    Great Review, I’m taking this tour July 10. So you don’t recommend the Vienna Music Concert? This will be my 4th Contiki trip and I wish someone would of told me about some of the excursions. There were a couple I took that totally took time away from the city. I know what you mean about the Contiki Cough, we got it in Egypt last year. My friend said to fly out of Warsaw because its like a 10 hour ride back to Berlin. Any other optionals we should pass on? Must do’s? DId you guys party the last night in Warsaw, I booked a post night thats why I’m wondering. Did you buy anything interesting? :)

  • 19 Feb 2011 nervous_traveler said


    Thank you for the info about the aiport being across the road from the hotel in warsaw. I’m doing this tour on the 6th august and have spent a lot of time stressing about getting to the airport at the end of the tour. I’m flying out of warsaw and that was my biggest worry. I do plan on doing the concert in vienna as i am doing a tour through Kumuka before i do my contiki tour so i will have already seen vienna through the first tour. I wont have to worry about missing anything.

    There is one thing i would like to know how easy is it to buy a beer stein

  • 2 May 2012 TravelBug26 said


    thanks for all the info it helped alot. were the bus rides during the day long or where there stops all threw out the day?

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